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Index to Emily's Diabetes Webpage

Here is a list of all the pages, and pages within pages of my webpage, along with a description.

Emily's Home Page
CBC CITs 1999 This page along with this one have memories for the Clara Barton Camp CITs Session B, along with a bunch of pictures
About Me contains the basics on me
My Thoughts is just basically something I thought up on how I feel about diabetes... (A teens point of view)
BGM'ing The basics on Blood Glucose Monitoring
Clara Barton Camp is a diabetes camp in North Oxford Massachusetts

  • Camp Poll
    Diabetes Info The basics on diabetes
    Pages of Interest is updated atleast weekly with webpages which has interesting diabetes articles
    Links to other diabetes related webpages (as well as a few other favorite, non diabetes related)
    Diabetes Petition Until about January 5th, I'll be collecting names for the diabetes Petition
    My Diabetes Story is about my diagnosis and living with diabetes
    Pictures of family and friends click also here, here, and here for more pictures
    Pump information on the Minimed insulin pump
    Random Facts and statistics on diabetes
    Sugar Free Recipes I am always looking for more, since there aren't many there, please email me!!!
    Results of Quizlet located on my homepage
    Minimed's Glucose Sensor has information on the CGMS, and my experience trying it out for a few days
    Common Symptoms of diabetes
    Helpful hints on managing and dealing with diabetes
    Sir Frederick Banting was one of the inventors of insulin. I wrote this report a few years ago, and put it on here incase anyone has a desire to learn about him.
    Diabetes Products Online... websites that have diabetes products on them
    Diabetes Survey of questions about visitors of this webpage
  • Results of the Survey
    Diabetes Funnies...Funny things that people say about diabetes