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once upon a time in 1995 i think it might have been, i took the SATs and was sent this brochure from johns hopkins for this program called CTY. center for talented youth. at this time i was maybe 13? or 14? i have no sense of time. but i was still like hey, im smart. i can go do smart stuff.
but wait!! i thought to myself. what if its nerd camp!!
but my parents had already signed me up at this point. so oh well i might as well go.
so i went. i met my roommate, who scared the shit outta me. and of course, she knew everyone else there, coz she'd gone to lancaster the year before and her and all her friends had decided to try skidmore.
i knew no one, and so i stuck to my roommate and her friends. i didnt like them much. but it was ok. i dealt. so i went to cty and took writing 1c. i had michelle, who i adored. she was wonderful and i owe her many thanks. i ended up having a shitty time, coz i was a first-year scared little girl who knew no one and then my roommate started doing drugs. like snorting coke in my room at night and i was freaked out. so i stayed away from her as much as i could from then on.
but all in all, i did have some fun. i met some cool people.
so time to apply again rolls around, and im like hey, i had a shitty time last year, but i know what im in for, so i might as well go. so i applied, and went. writing 2b this time, with meir. he was so odd. but my roommate this time was rachael.
she is fabulous. she was like my mommy. she made me eat, made me go to the nurse to take pills, she took care of me. we acted out romeo and juliet while jumping on the beds. we had a lot of fun. she introduced me to her friends from last year, and i liked them and they liked me too.
and i decided i really liked cty.
so, time to apply last year came around. i was going for two sessions this time, one for educational purposes (bio, so i could graduate high school) and fiction, which i'd been working up to in the previous two years.
i took bio at dickinson, which was a lot different from skidmore. everything was different. but it was ok. i made friends, my dorm sucked, but it was great. i was really really close with my quad (ra group) and my ra was wonderful. i had a fine time. the time for skidmore came around and i was excited.
kathy called me one day at dickinson, i was pleasantly surprised, especially since i was in the shower at the time and my friend answeed my phone adn i came running down the hallway dripping wet and made a big puddle on my floor while talking to kathy and screaming about what rules had been changed and who was coming back and whatever else.
it was exciting
then i came home for a day, had a LOVELY day for any of those who know about it, nevermind for those who dont, and then i had my nice long drive up to skidmore.
i love skidmore, i have to say. im addicted to it now.
and i got there and who is my roommate? rachael. i was excited again. i had an AMAZING time, my last session at skidmore as a CTYer.

i cant go into detail about it, but it was amazing. everythign was good.

CTY has changed my life. i am a better person for it, i know myself better because of it. ive learned everything i need to know in my teenage years there. i made some of the best friends ill ever have there. i learned that you can fall in love with everyone around you. i learned that the people in the town i live in are narrow-minded, i learned that i dont have to be like them.

i had amazing experiences.

plus it looks good for college too.

i loved cty, and to anyone whos stumbled upon this site and is considering cty, go for it, its a wonderful experience.
and so thats cty for me, at least what im going to say right now. but i love cty so much that im going to skidmore this summer and doing the AP/ART program and am just as excited about seeing old cty friends as i am about making new ones thru this program. and in two more years, im gonna be a RA, residence assistant, like becca and maria, the most amazing ras ive ever had.

love to my ctyers.