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Some great theories about who killed Laura:

*One theory is idea that Audrey Horne did it; that she wanted an excuse to get the hell out of Twin Peaks. There where also the reason that Audrey was jealous of Laura because perhps her father loved Laura more.
*Sheryl Lee gave away one of the funniest theories yet, in an interwiew she did. She hypothesized that Laura wasn't murdered, but that she commited suicide by wrapping herself up in plastic and throwing herself in the water...and people actually bought into it!
*The best theory yet (but actually the worst theory at the same time) is the one about Coopers mysterious secretary Diane. She murdered Laura because she was out for revenge against Cooper because he left her in Philadelphia. By murdering Laura, she gave him a case he would never solve and therefore he could never leave Twin Peaks. This at least solved the problem about having Coop staying in town after the murder was solved...... Thank god that David Lynch and Mark Frost never chose that one!

Some funny things about the actors:

*Since the scenes between Dale Cooper and the wonderful Albert Rosenfeld, were often quite intense, the two actors (Kyle MacLachlan and Miguel Ferrer) challenged one another. They tried to make the other laugh during the close-up scenes. Guess who won every time. Our Agent Cooper.
*A great quote from Lara Flynn Boyle from an interwiew with Rolling Stone: "I hate Cherry Pie... really"
*Michael Ontkean started his career as a hockey player, making his way trough the University of New Hampshire on a hockey scholarship.

Did you know...? :

... that Warren Frost, who played Dr. William Hayward, is Mark Frost's father ?
... that the original name for the show was "Northwest Passage" ?
... that Ray Wise first came to the show for the role as Harry S. Truman ?
... that Coopers middle name is Bartholomew ?
... that 15 days passed from the time of the discovery of Lauras corpse to the day they caught the murderer ?
... that the name of the two peaks in the town are called "Whitetail" and "Blue Pine" ?
...according to the time frame, Twin Peaks High Schoolers attend on Saturdays?
... that the local lakes are called Pearl Lakes and Black Lake ?
... that the trafficlights in Twin Peaks still mean slow down, not speed up ?
... that the owls are not what they seem ?