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Here's a tip on repairing your broken pickleballs from John Humphries:

I have been experimenting with ways of repairing the Cosom balls. I tried all the glues I could find but without success. I have found a method that works but it requires a little skill. I use a small soldering iron (5/16" body 3/16" tip) and strips of plastic removed from an old ball with a sharp utility knife. I melt a groove along the crack, place a strip of plastic (about 1/8" wide) along the grove overlapping at the ends. I then heat the strip with the soldering iron until it melts and fills the groove. Then I use the body of the iron to smooth the weld and finish it off with a file after the plastic has cooled. After several tries I have the skill to make a repair quite quickly. It seems worthwhile for us since the balls cost about $2 each in Canadian money. There is something to watch for: if you heat the plastic too much the ball begins to collapse and you must restore its shape. I use a 3/8" metal rod inserted through a hole on the opposite side of the ball. Since heating the plastic creates a noxious smell I only do the work in a well ventilated area. I am now able to make repairs that are stronger than the original ball.

...I would be interested to hear if anyone tries this method.

Emails can be sent to John Humphries

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