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in the 20th Century
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Hi there! I am one of the crew leaders of CabalArticles, a globally distributed web article writing company. We can post in Spanish and English for world wide world-wide-web viewers, and are available for content production for your blog. Down the page you will read my CV, and you may be able to find other crew leaders and team members' CV's on this website. At the bottom of my CV, you are going to read some good examples of our posted articles. For job inquiries, you should reach us with the contactform on this website and one of us will respond as soon as can be.

James K. Myers
3405 Arlington Avenue
Wynne, AR

Graduated With Special Honors from Princeton University
10 years of freelance writing experience (directly for Web viewers)
Superb competency in English and Latin
Dedicated, team-oriented worker with a knack for details

Employment Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Writing Team Manager
In charge of coordinating a global team of internet writers to meet a demanding set of production goals and objectives.
- Set records for efficiency, boosting output by 20% globally
- Accurately kept regular records of job distribution
- Dealt with QC for international output over a substantial team of freelancers

Additional Abilities

Proficient in English and Latin
Sophisticated skills using a wide selection of office software

Samples of Released Writing