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  • 02. 27. 2002
    I found a very interesting thing on the internet not long ago. "The Fourth Ambit" is the best audio story the internet has to offer. It's incredibly detailed and complex. For those of you who have a genuine interest in A.I. or virtual reality, this story is a must. Find it here:The Ambit Group

  • 11. 28. 2001
    Uploaded StrangeWorld to This is a java program that implements the evolution of neural networks through natural selection.

    [Click for larger image]

  • 02. 19. 2001
    Small update to the site, there is now a links section which contains links to other sites with interests similar to ours. We will gladly post links to sites who help us get exposure and contain links to Chaplin Corp.

  • 12. 18. 2000
    Just to let you all know there has been minor changes to the site, there is supplementary information about us and the field we now have decided to dedicate our time to. You can get this info here.

  • 12. 13. 2000
    Ok, here's what's going on. Chaplin Corp has decided to start working on a new project a few months back, we've decided to create a program able to create & support artificial life. Our goal is not only to have life that moves, eats, reproduce... we also want this life to think by itself, adapt to it's environement & evolve from it's primal state to a very sofisticated, complexe life. So that's the little bit of information that I have now but more will come. Also, I have posted here the source code for our PcLock program for those of you who would prefer to assign the password themselves. This is a .zip file, about 4K, and contains a text file explaining how to re-compile the program. Any questions? email us.

    Have a nice day!

  • 12. 12. 2000
    We're BACK! I think it's about time our LAZY webmaster decided to fix this place up! Make yourself at home & browse our pages. We'll be adding new software here soon, also we are working on a new project which may interest some of you. I'll have all the news about that posted on here tomorow. So until then, have a nice day and don't forget to tell you friends about us!

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    Last Update: 12. 13. 2000
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