Kallista A Wish and A Dream


Hips: WCP-8874G, Eyes: ACVO Clear, DM: Clear, Elbows: WCP-EL640 Normal, vWD: Clear by Parentage, Cardiac: pending

**See UPDATE below**

Winchester came to Castell through the generosity of Millie Williams, Kallista Corgis, in Michigan. With a common desire to rid Corgis (in particular our personal breeding programs) of the insideous disease Degenerataive Myelopathy, Millie and I have "pooled" our resources and Mr. Winnie took up residence in Parma, Idaho.

After Winchester was determined to have both "jewels" and was DNA tested for DM with a CLEAR result I flew out to MI to bring him home. We're very excited about this young dog. He is tightly linebred which makes him a perfect fit for our tightly line bred girls. He has five litters now and all pups have been very uniform with nice conformation, good movement and lovely temperaments. There has been a preponderance for blackheaded tri!

It is our promise to NEVER, EVER again produce a dog with both genes for this horrid disease. DM robs our corgis of many years of quality life, changes the lifestyle of the owner and, eventually, breaks our hearts when our beloved's can no longer go on. We have many links of information for DM on our main home page.

If you have a dog you suspect is affected with DM, there is a wonderful chat list for corgi owners of both breeds (Pembroke and Cardigan) that have mobility challenges at http://www.yahoogroups.com It is named Wheelcorgis as that is what our guys become...corgis in a wheelchair!

Finally, enjoy some of the young pictures of Winchester. He is developing into a spectacular dog with stunning movement and temperament. He's very much like his Daddy, "Serious Simon". When you talk to Winnie, it's like a little human is in there and understands everything you are saying! He is VERY special and we adore him!

Our hearts will be forever grateful to Millie for her demonstration of love for the Pembroke breed!

Email: castell@frontiernet.net