Corgis of the Past

The following "Oldie" pages are presented for the benefit of fanciers unfamiliar with the corgis in our history or those who may not have access to materials relating to these dogs. This is not meant to represent the entire breed but just select dogs from various periods of time enabling you to see the "evolution" of our breed.

Most of the Pembrokes on these pages appear somewhere in Castell pedigrees. We are proud to have so many of the Greats in our corgi heritage!

The dogs are shown according to birth year and are from both England and America.





1929 - 1959

Eng Ch. Crymmych President --->
(Newman Chatter X Crymmych Beauty)
13 August 1929
All Time Top 10 Sire
<--- Eng Ch. Rozavel Red Dragon
Eng Ch. Crymmych President X Felcourt Flame)
15 August 1932
BISS Eng/Am Ch. Fitzdown Paul of Andely --->
(Eng Ch. Rozavel Red Dragon X Pantyblaidd Wonder)
28 November 1934
Specialty Best of Breed winner: 1939 PWCCA
<--- Eng Ch. Rozavel Lucky Strike
(Eng Ch. Rozavel Red Dragon X Rozavel Land Girl)
15 June 1943
Eng Ch. Teekay Felcourt Supremacy --->
(Hillbilly of Lees X Fitzdown Spangle)
14 May 1944
All Time Top 10 Sire
<--- Eng Ch. Sonec Of Rode
Echo of Rode X Clearsby Miss Matty)
16 December 1947
All Time Top 10 Sire
Eng Ch. Stormerbanks Dairymaid --->
(Churchleigh Ballybentra Cowboy X Sandra of Butts)
21 April 1948
<--- Eng Ch. Knowland Clipper
(Farmpark Fearless Of Knowland X Knowland Cream Cracker)
8 March 1949
BISS Eng/Am/Can Ch. Lees Symphony --->
(Lees Laureate X Cantata Of Cowfold)
10 April 1951
Specialty Best of Breed winner: 1953 PWCCA, 1956 PWCCA
All Time Top 10 Sire
<--- Eng Ch. Maracas Masterpeice
(Eng/Am/Can Ch. Lees Symphony X Maracas Helarian Gale)
14 July 1952
All Time Top 10 Sire
Eng/IR Ch. Zephyr Of Brome --->
(Eng Ch. Knowland Clipper X Katrina Of Brome)
6 October 1953 - 27 April 1965
<--- Eng Ch. Gaytime Of Wey
(Eng Ch. Waggerland Clean Sweep X Sapphire Of Gedney Of Wey)
25 April 1953
Eng/SA Ch. Hillhead Gayelord Of Wey --->
(SA Ch. Drumbeat Of Wyldingtree Of Wey X Eng Ch. Gaytime Of Wey)
16 January 1955
<--- BISS Am/Bda Ch. Maracas Gale Force Of Cleden
(Eng/IR Ch. Zephyr Of Brome X Maracas Helarian Gale)
19 November 1955 - 1962
Specialty Best of Breed winner: 1958 PWCCA
All Time Top 10 Sire
Eng Ch. Mabinogi Myrddin --->
(Eng Ch. Maracas Masterpiece X Mabinogi Myfanwen)
27 Apriil 1956
<--- Am Ch. Stormerbanks Tristram of Cote de Neige
(Stormerbanks Supersabre X Tresarden Trinket)
12 June 1956 - September 1970
All Time To 10 Sire
Eng Ch. Cherquita Of Wey --->
(Eng/SA Ch. Hillhead Gayelord Of Wey X Chinese Cracker)
30 December 1957
<--- Eng Ch. Kentwood Cogges Woodpecker
(Eng Ch. Maracas Masterpiece X Cogges Rozavel Supersarong)
17 July 1957
Eng Ch. Leonine Tansy --->
(Leonine Maestro Of Gwynt X Halmor Sequin)
14 February 1959
<--- Eng Ch.Stormerbanks Invader
(Eng Ch. Stormerbanks Indigo X Stormerbanks Flashback)
26 March 1959 - 29 february 1972
Am Ch. Red Envoy Of Brome --->
(Red Major Of Brome X Airbridge Country Girl Of Brome)
3 May 1959 - Spring 1970
All Time Top 10 Sire