This page is dedicated to my treasured family,

They have stuck by me, been my confidants, my advisors, sounding boards, helpers, partners and my best friends through over 20 years of involvement in the Pure-Bred Dog world. Nothing can thank them for all the strength and support they have given me through the good times AND the bad times that we have shared.

On November 22, 1969 I married a young man with a Labrador and a dream to, some day, have his own kennel and pledged my life to him. An avid sportsman, Rick hunted both archery & rifle for big game, birds and fished to feed his young family for many years. He was a fantastic baseball player and enjoyed many years on top quality Rec league teams. But, as dreams go, they were put aside for more important priorities and family activities the next 11 years.

On August 21, 1971 our beautiful daughter, Kirsten "D", was born and on September 1, 1973 our handsome son, Garrett Charles, entered this world. And, so, we embarked on the new adventure of being parents, a journey that took us MANY places we never imagined!

In 1980 we acquired a new lab bitch, entered the world of obedience and field training and began a whole new direction in life. In 1983 we bred our first litter and bought our daughter a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the stipulation she must train Bambi and put an obedience title on her. From the Lab litter we gave our son a pretty bitch puppy with the same stipulation. Both trained their dogs faithfully, however, Garrett's Star was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and could not continue. Bambi, on the other hand, did get her American and Canadian Companion Dog titles as well as a Herding Certificate.

Starting in such a popular, working type breed, we all learned, the hard way, how important soundness of body and mind is. Over the years, we have bred two Lab litters and only owned three sound dogs. There has been a tremendous amount of heartache as well as joy along the way. But we shared it, TOGETHER! We took what we learned with the Labradors and applied it to the corgis when we decided to become involved with this breed. I'm sure there will always be a Labrador in our lives, but we have given up the idea of a breeding program and concentrated on the corgis.
While I am the main driving force with the dogs, my family participates in every way from caring for the dogs to showing them. They have endured what they thought was hardship for the welfare of the dogs. They have gotten up at the wee hours of the morning to help pack and get ready for the shows. They have stayed up late nights (sometimes all night) helping whelp puppies. They have ridden cold, bundled up from the air conditioner, to make sure the dogs were comfortable during our trips. They have reminded me of my goals when I lost my way. They reassured me and encouraged me when I was disappointed and celebrated, with me, our many accomplishments.

And so I dedicate this page to them to tell them and the world how much I love them. Without their united support, we wouldn't be where we are today. They are TRULY the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS!