Castell Bad As I Wanna Be


Born August 21, 2003


Cappy now lives with Mike & Martha McMurray of Boise, Idaho. While we miss him, he picked them and "made NO bones about it"!

Spring has sprung and Cappy has fallen in love with the yard "rain birds"!

Continue down for the story of Cappy and Britney's beginning and pictures along their development.

This litter was been a challenge from the beginning as they were premature. After two weeks of sleeping on the sofa, caring 'round the clock, we lost one of the little boys. The little surviving guy had his battles. At only a few days old he appeared to have been stung by a wasp. One side of his tiny face swelled, cutting off circulation to his ear causing the tip to dry up and fall off! A trip to the vet and the necrotic tissue on his face was removed leaving some scarring we had hoped the hair will eventually cover. At 4 weeks old, he finally acheived a "normal" birth weight of 9-10 oz. He was very dwarf, especially in the presence of his sister who had thrived from the very beginning. The pictures below will show the diffrence in them. Cappy (for Al Capone - Scar Face) appeared to be about two weeks behind. When Britney had a full mouth of teeth, Cappy's haven't broken the surface yet. She walked well before him and wanted to play but he wasn't up to it. He progressed steadily and, eventually, caught up. After his first "real" meal, at almost 5 weeks old, I saw him try to play with his sissy. He bit at her behind as she walked by!


At 5 weeks, Cappy weighed 1 pound while Britney scaled in at 3 pounds. His growth and development progressed every day so we maintaned hopes that he would eventually catch up. The hair covers some his facial scar but the little eye still has a slant to it from the scarring. At almost 9 weeks, he was romping and playing rough with Brit and could usually hold his own against the pups in Delilah's litter. Cappy is bold and sassy and unafraid of anything! October 20 all the pups saw their first REAL day outside and had a ball investigating the huge, new world presented to them.

For those who are interested in how far Cappy has progressed, click here to see the pictures from birth to about 4 weeks old.

Cappy, while he is a bit smaller, eventually caught up with his sister and 1/2 siblings. He is independent as heck, happy and just full of himself. He and Britney are very tightly bonded. Even while outside with Delilah's pups, you will often find these two playing together. Britney has always been very gentle with Cappy but now that he has "caught up" she let's him get away with murder. Every once in a while she will turn on him and put him in his place but not very often!

Britney has developed into a pretty girl and has a great attitude. While Cappy carries his tail "gay", Britney curls hers over her back similar to an Akita or Finnish Spitz. It's pretty cute and you can definitely see why "they" think Pembrokes descended from the Spitz breeds!

Cappy's Parents

Sire: Can Ch. Blands Flashback
OFA-Good, Eyes-ACVO Clear, vWD-Carrier

Dam: Castell Lonesome Dove
OFA-Excellent, Eyes-ACVO Clear, vWD-Clear

Current pictures of Cappy, November 21, 2004

Pictures below are from 2003

Castell Lil Miss Honky Tonk (Britney)


The Both of them!