U-CDCastell City Slicker Am CDX,TD,CGC, Can CDX/TD, ASCA CD
June 29, 2000

Photo by Judy Hasenack
(Am/Can Ch. Castell Killin' Time X Castell Luv Luv Me Do)

Owned by Marian & Jim Rivers, Mt. Vernon Washington

Years ago, Marian was responsible for training and titling the 3rd EVER UDTX Pembroke Corgi,
Can OTCH Lejan's Gentle Knight UDTX, PHC, CGC, TT, TDI, Can UDT. She also trained and titled Lejan's Shenanigans Am UDTX, PHC, CGC, TDI, Can CDX/TD who was Kimbrough's half sister!

Now, we are proud to announce that Marian has taken Brady to his American AND Canadian Tracking Dog titles (TD) at the young age of 8 months.

Brady is now actively training for his TDX, UD and some more ASCA and UKC titles!

* * * * * * * * * * BRADY REPORTS * * * * * * * * * *

March 2005 The Wonder Team has had about a year, maybe two, off but doesn't seem to have hurt them! First time out, Brady qualifies in 3 of 3 with class placements and earns his Canadian CDX. What a team!

2003 What can I say? The Brady Boy has done it again! In three more trials and a run off, earning a 197 1/2 for second place. We have a new CD with the United Kennel Club! That's 8 titles straight without an NQ!

Well, the Wonder Boy has done it again! Three trials and we have a NEW CDX! Now it's on to Utility work!
Brady gets his second CDX leg AND a 3rd place at the PWCCA National, September 2002!

Mr. Smarty Pants has done it again! He is now 13 for 13 getting the first leg of his CDX at the Cascade Specialty with a second place! Watch for this little Texas Tornado at the National in September!

May 18, 2002 Mt. Baker Kennel Club - Brady easily sails to his CGC! (was there ever a doubt he could do it?)

Brady completed his American CD on March 30, 2002 at the WSOTC Trial. The next day he qualified for his 4th leg, just to make sure! To date, Brady has been in 2 tracking tests and 8 obedience trials and has qualified in all 10 tests! Are we proud? YOU BET!
March 16-17, 2002 Marian, Jim and Brady ventured north to Canada for four Obedience Trials in TWO days. Brady did us proud by bringing home his new Canadian Companion Dog title earning 4 legs instead of just 3 AND with class placements! Marian says he is simply an awesome working dog!

Brady with Mom & Dad, Marian & Jim

Brady working for and earning his Canadian Tracking Dog title.

Brady earning his American
Tracking Dog title

and a "Thank You"
kiss for Judge Jill Jones!

Marian w/Brady, Texas,
Jill Jones w/Timer (Uplands Only Time Will Tell TD)
Brady & Timer are both Texas sons

Marian & Brady, Jill & Timer