Tribute To An Angel Dog
Tribute to an
Angel Dog

Castell Demands Attention
November 25, 1991 - February 15, 2003

Fergie left her birth home in Idaho on January 27, 1992, winging her way to Florida where she became the precious life long companion of Linda Linton-Waite. Fergie helped Linda over many rough spots in their years together, always bringing joy with her little "corgi smile" and silly antics. As Linda is a teacher of deaf children, Fergie became a very special friend to them as well, visiting their school often and celebrating each of her birthdays with them. She was a kind and caring creature regardless of what approached her; other dogs, lizards, cats, etc.

Over the years, Linda, faithfully, kept in touch. Each letter was filled with joy, love and appreciation for the little dog that had captivated her heart. Every picture sent told the story of all the lives Fergie touched and the joy she brought to others.

On February 15, 2003 Fergie left our world suddenly and unexpectedly, taking her final flight to the Rainbow Bridge, leaving behind terrible sorrow and holes in the hearts of those that loved her.

Here is Linda's tribute to this wonderful "little dog in the big dog suit".

"Lady Sara Jane Ferguson"
Angel Dog
Sweet Girl
Cookie Queen

Joyful Spirit
Gentle Soul
Baby Kisser
Friend to All
Sassy Talker
Mentor to Deaf Children
Heart Full of Love
Cover Stealer
Nest Maker
Couch Potato
Feisty Broad
Toy Shredder
Smart as the dickens
Linda's Special Friend
Truly an Angel Dog now.....

"Tho much is taken, much abides..."
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Linda, may you find peace and happiness in the many happy memories you and Fergie created. She wants you to be happy and will be waiting for you at the "Bridge".

Kathleen & Rick Mallery
Fergie's Gramma & Grampa

Music: "My Heart Will Go On" originally sung by Celine Dion