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"American Soldier" lyrics, by Toby Keith

Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Reg.

Quality Pembrokes for Companion/Show/Performance
Since 1983
    All Breeding Stock OFA/ACVO cleared
    DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy
    DNA certified vWD clear
    Health Guarantee
    Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (Washington)
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi Association (Canada)
    Welsh Corgi League (UK)

Welcome to the homepage of Castell Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We're delighted you found us and thank you for visiting! It's our intention to provide a fun, informative, educational site so we hope you enjoy your stay and come back as we update often!

Located in Southwest Idaho, we are small breeder/exhibitors of top quality Corgis. It's our goal to produce and exhibit the best healthy, sound, quality corgis we can that will, later, give many years of enjoyment to the homes they find their way into. As testimony of that, we're proud to have bred and owner handled 4 consecutive dogs in 3 consecutive generations that have gone to top rankings.

Our home is nestled atop a hill, on eight peaceful acres where the corgis have two and a half securely fenced acres to run and play. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

Ch. Brookehaven Sweet Serenade ROM (Bunny)
(Schaferhaus Aeroglend Trev'r X Beckridge Spellbinder)
FCI Int/Am/Can/Mex Ch. Fox Meadows Shasta PHC,ROM (Shasta)
(Ch. Nebriowa The Blacksmith CDX, ROMX X Ch. Schaferhaus Ul Doo's Babygirl)

We acquired Bunny, a finished champion, at six years old. Shasta arrived at 16 months old needing confidence and ring experience. He finished his championship by going Winners Dog at the l986 Golden Gate Specialty under Breeder Judge Wyn Lepper of Olantigh fame.

Bunny and Shasta were our Foundation Stock. Both have since gone to the "Bridge" but left us a legacy of CH's and working titled dogs. Some of that legacy include:

Am/Can Ch. Castell Blue Ribbon Special PHC
U-CD Castell Legend of Cisco Kid CDX, CGC, NAJ, OAJ, AX, FlyBall Ch., NADAC OAC, OJC, OGC
Am/Can Ch. Castell Racing With Destiny CGC

Am/Can Ch. Castell Majestic Prince CD, PHC
Can Ch. Castell Tyrant O'Legend Manor UDT, CGC, HT, PT, OA, NADAC NGC-V, Can. CD
Castell Belle Star UD, AX, NAJ
Am/Fin/Sw Ch. Castell Evil Intentions PHC
Am Ch/U-Gr. Ch. Castell No Time To Kill, CAT
Castell Destiny Keepsake HT, OA, CGC, NADAC OA, NG, OJ
Castell Zany Tactics PHC, AX, AXJ
BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. Castell Killin' Time CAT
Ch. Reveille No Mercy
U-CD Castell City Slicker Am.CDX/TD/CGC, Can CDX/TD, ASCA CD
Castell High Plains Drifter PT, JH
Can Ch. Castell Three Times A Lady
Can Ch. Castell Pure Country
Am Ch. Castell Special Gift

and the list goes on...........

With the recent discovery of the mutated gene responsible for Degenerative Myelopathy (see information links listed below)a DNA test is being offered through the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA)licensed by the University of Missouri. (This is the SAME gene that causes ALS, Lou Gehrigs Disease,in people) The test will provide one of three results for breeders testing their dogs;

1) CLEAR - dog does NOT HAVE the mutated gene, therefore, cannot pass it on to its get or get the disease.
2) CARRIER - dog has one copy of the mutated gene and can pass it on but NOT get the disease.
3) "AT RISK" - dog has two copies of the gene and stands a risk of actually developing the disease as well as passing it on to get. An "At Risk" test result, however, does not guarantee the dog WILL develop the disease. Research is continuing, hoping to discover what "triggers" the gene to cause the disease to develop.

I urge ANYONE searching for a new puppy to educate themselves on this disease by visiting the links below AND REQUEST TEST RESULTS FROM THE BREEDERS YOU ARE CONTACTING!! (In my educated opinion, there is NO excuse to justify NOT testing breeding stock for this gene!)

It is our promise, from this day forward, to NEVER, EVER again, knowingly, produce a dog with both genes at risk to develop this horrid disease. DM robs our corgis of many years of quality life, changes the lifestyle of the owner and, eventually, breaks our hearts when our beloved's can no longer go on. We have many links of information for DM on our main home page. If you have a dog you suspect is affected with DM ( or is mobility challenged), there is a wonderful chat list for corgi owners of both breeds (Pembroke and Cardigan) at http://www.yahoogroups.com called Wheelcorgis as that is what our guys become...corgis in a wheelchair! We also urge you to contact the University of Missouri and make a tissue contribution when your beloved gives up the fight.



My puppy family can tell you I am not usually a big advocate of supplements/additives or special diets. However, in recent years, I and many others have noticed the increase of immune mediated problems in dogs as well as many varieties of cancer, skin disorders and allergies.. I have given considerable thought before recommending NuVet Labs. Please visit this link to learn all about a wonderful immune system support that I feel will be beneficial in the healthy life of your dog! If you choose to try this wonderful product, please use code 60039 when ordering.

Do you have a loved pet you'd like to remember with a life-like portrait? I have found an artist that will knock your socks off! Take a look at the picture I sent her and portrait she sent back. She has captured the total essence of Texas in his portrait.

Picture Portrait

If you like what you're seeing, please visit Pet Portraits by Deena! She is a very talented artist and her prices are reasonable with a portion going to support CorgiAid!

Our Imports:

April 2006 Am Ch. Yardican Hurricanehunter (Finland)
September 2003 AM/Fin/N/Est Ch. Yardican Rescator (Finland)
April 2003 Am. Ch. Stormrain JP Castell Alan (Japan)
February 2003Corgwood Hugo (UK)
August 2002 Welcops Andy (Sweden)
January 2002 AM/Fin/Sw Ch. Puksipuun Aztek Trilogy (Finland)
March 1996 Am/Can Ch. Blands Gold Bullion (UK)

Our Exports:

May 2001 Fin/SW Ch. Castell Walk This Way (Finland)
August 2002 Castell Shake That Thing (Sweden)
December 2003 Quanda Katch Me If You Can (Netherlands)

CORGIS OF THE PAST: Picture Gallery of some of the "greats" and other influential dogs
throughout the history of Pembrokes

* * Idaho Welsh Corgi Rescue * *
Updated 02 December 2019

On December 1, we lost our very last Rescue. After over 30 years involvement in Corgi Rescue we will no longer be participating. Age and the toll on one's heart have simply gotten to be too much. Thank you to all those that have given forever homes to the corgis that have come into our Rescue over the years.

You may visit our Rescue page to view dogs we've helped in the past.


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Please join or support the NAIA. They are working hard to preserve our rights to own our pets! If we continue to be complacent, the extremeists will successfully take away our God given right to own animals! In addition, enter your zip below and write to Congress expressing your disapproval of all the restricitve laws being put on us concerning our animals, promoted by PETA and HSUS! These last two ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!

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