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Harmony Central:Bass Resources

You've probably seen this site before. I really love this site!

Bass Lobster

Another Popular bass site that features a lot of information for bassists.

Daniel's Web Page

A very nice page to go to, it's updated often and features bass tabs, lessons, and other goodies.
Basssick Home Page

A nice and fresh page for bassists that is extrememly entertaining.
Groove Zone

Make a statement! Show people that you play bass with a hat from this site for a good price.
The Bass Tab Archive

This is a very well built and helpful collection of the thousands of internet tab.
Ibanez Home Page

Shows pictures of basses they offer and famous artists who play Ibanez instruments.
Dave On Bass

This is a very well made and entertaining bass page.
Bass Player Garage

And someone said angelfire sucks! NO way! This cool page proves it. Looking for ANYTHING bass related? Follow the link!