April 12, 2000: Added the first part of the rewritten My ONly Friend in the Ranma Section.

August 4 1999: Added the first part of Tiger's Claw part 3 of An Unlikely twist of fate and part 4 of My Only Friend. also added a new seperate archive like my pokemon fanfiction one but his one is really sparse at the moment.

July 27 1999: finished Reunion

June 13 1999: finished Darkest Hours

June 8 1999: added part five of Reunion

June 2 1999: added part three of Darkest Hours

May 25 1999: Added part two of Darkest Hours

May 23 1999: Added a new Ranma fic A different curse check it out allright.

May 18 1999:Added anew Ranma fic added some more upcomming fic things.

May 17 1999: Added some Ranma fics

May 13 1999: Well Wings of the Light Hawk is finished finally now mabye I can get back to writing again writers block even happens to terrible writers like me.