MISC fanfics

Odyssey:My Robotech fanfic dealing with the SDF-3 and what happened to it this fic might not serface for awhile I do have other fics which have a higher priority in my mind to be finished.

Chaos:My sonic fanfic this one is a blending of all three Universes the Game the comic and the TV it will be up probably around the same time as Odyssey

YU YU Hackusho fanfics

Replaced: Kurama's human body is possesed bye an old rival sequal to the Rewrite of Kurama's Lost Love.

Voltron Fics

New chapters for crisis

DBZ fanfics

A currently UNTITLED EPIC dealing with the discovery of survivers from Vegetasie okay I know there are tons of fics out there like this so I'll try to be original though some similarities might crop up.

Crisis Arc:

The Return: Jester Brings everone back and boy have someof them changed.

and new chapters for Dark Reality

Tenchi Fanfic

New Chapters for Wings of the Light Hawk

and the conclusion eventually of I choose Ryoko.

Ranma 1/2 Fanfic

Thorns:Ranma ends up with Kodachi.

More parts to the other ranma fics espeacially Reunion and Darkest Hours.