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My Wolfenstein 3D page

Yo, thanks for stopping by. At first I made a big and very nice home page. We were about to put it on Xoom but then our FTP did not work! Well, here is my small 2 cents page anyway. It's mostly for my Wolfenstein Add-On's...But anyway, enjoy and thanks for stopping by!...

NEWS: May 7th 99-YAY! I got those pics working! I'm Gonna try and update daily. But as Yoda said, "There is no try, only do."

May 8th 99-O.K, i'm udateing daily so come by daily! See that flag pic there? well thats gonna be my pic of the month thing. If ya got any pics ya want there e-mail 'em to me!! Other than that not much happening.

May 9th 99-Nothing much is happening. Gravenstein 3000 is coming along very nice. Any one know about add-on's for the Shareware version of Blake Stone: Aleins of gold?

May 14th 99-Sorry, sorry, and sorry some more. I was really sick and could not update. I won't be able to update for another 3/2 days 'cause i'm going camping. But, i'm here, now. LOL. G3000 is coming ever so nice. cya.

May 30th 99-O.K, i'm back updating daily (with what? oh just me blathering) Well, hi, i have been busy. I saw Star Wars!! I'm fanatic of all of them! There all so great! Yay! !'s are cool! Sorry. I'm back. LOL. Hehehe.

June 5th 99-Hi, G3000 is coming along...not much

Don't forget to join my club! My names there are-Hell_Gaurd, Space_Marine58, Space_Marine66 and The_Doom_Guy58...


This is my first add-on. It has 4 new levels. It's not that good. You have to get past the bosses on all the levels, not kill them. It can be found on this part of Mr. Lowes Wolf3D page...

Gravenstein 2000

The Next Gravenstein. 20 new levels. Not good, but not bad. YOU MUST PLAY ON DEATH INCARENATE TO GET THE FULL NESS OF THE ADD-ONN!!! It's on this part of Mr. Lowes wolf 3d page.

COMING SOON!!! Gravenstein 3000!

60 New levels! None are rushed and its plain fun!!! Coming soon!...

E-MAIL me any time at, ...

Thanks to, My dad for letting me put up this page. Brian Lowe, Who was really nice and put up all my add-on's on his page.