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As the dedicated fan may have noticed, there seems to be a slight break in the series at this point in time, I, for one, was not amused by this so I sent the following nasty e-mail to and if you want to make your voice heard, I suggest you do the same.

During the last week or so of my Summer Holiday this year I really got into BBCone's new daytime soap, Breakers. Although it was on during school hours I continued to watch it when school began again, though I had to video it. Imagine my horror one monday evening when I sat down to watch it and found on the tape, Quincy. I was annoyed, but, as I had not seen the episode from the previous friday, I assumed some information had been given, so I checked my TV guide, and I couldn't find Breakers anywhere, nor the next week, so I guessed that the BBC planned to restart the series to try and capture the youth audience during Half-Term week. This never occurred. Now it has been a month, and I want to know if Terri gets into trouble for writing to The Breaker, I want to know what Vince will do to get rid of his annoying girlfriend, and whether or not Eve and Steve will get it together as they are so obviously meant to. Surely the BBC cannot just abandon a new series after less than two months, even Eldorado got a stay of execution! ( Mind you, I LIKED Eldorado )
Please console me.

Never mind the Eldorado bit, but the sentiments are right. Anyway, a few days later, UKtwo received the following message.....

Thank you for your comments regarding the scheduling of Breakers. I am afraid this series has been temporarily postponed. I am sorry. I have no further information that I can relay to you at the moment. BBC Information

Temporarily postponed!? - TEMPORARILY POSTPONED!!!!!!!!!????? - Why do they seem to believe that this is acceptable? To just axe a soap at the drop of a hat - and if I know the BBC it was a silly hat, too! Probably one of those god awful ones that William Hague sees fit to wear BACKWARDS!
Oh well, not to worry, what do we matter? We just pay for the thing.


I have recently spotted the odd entry for "Breakers" in the listings for BBC Choice, BBC's new digital channel, as I do not yet receive the service, I don't know whether this is our Breakers or just a show using the same name, I'll keep you posted, BBC information will get a grilling for this, I do assure you! Here's the latest lowdown on the comings and goings in the Breakers building - sorry there isn't more, but there isn't an awful lot as far as images go out there. If you can help with photos, logos, cast info, or anything else, let us know at our e-mail address.

Updated version 9th October 1998


Terri's been causing a lot of trouble in The Breaker's office by taking her revenge on Steve. Steve, you will remember, was the guy that Terri had a huge crush on and who almost had a snogging session with Eve. Feeling betrayed, Terri wrote a whole pile of letters to The Breaker from "Concerned Residents" about the Against The Tide drop-in centre, citing Steve as the main cause of all the disruption. Eve felt obliged to print these, as a servant of the community, after charity-case Cheree, who was working for her as a favour to Steve, failed to check them for authenticity. Not surprisingly, Steve was none too pleased about all this, but even less pleased were the trustees of Against The Tide, upstanding members of the community, all of them, who decided to take Eve to court for defamation.
This would be all well and good, were it not for the fact that Terri sent all the letters, and they were not from who they were supposed to be from, leaving Eve with no leg to stand on. Terri found out about how she may well have ruined her Mum's whole life and her's and those of all her family and friends too, as a courtcase would bring down the whole Breakers empire, and quickly confessed all to Steve. this was fine, but Eve was quickly calling in favours from people who agreed to say they sent the letters, digging herself in deeper still by adding to the list - perjury. Everything now rests with Steve, will he drop Eve in it, or will he show mercy and shut up about Terri's little confession? I think we all know the answer here, now don't we? He's a nice guy really!

Meanwhile, Alex has come over all domestic on us. Since discovering that he is Lara's father he has undergone quite a transformation. He must be growing up. Well, actually, no. What's happened is that since he turned up for a date with Lucy with a pizza for three and a video ( a thinly veiled attempt to get to be with Jaime as well ) both of THEM hate him, so he's gone all responsible to try and get back in (literally) with Monique. That should please Paul no end!
Danny is cramping Vince's style. No, strike that, Danny is cramping Felicity, Vince's self-declared girlfriend's style. She's trying to teach him advanced kissing, and Danny wants to go to see a film, or sit in the cafe drinking the same milkshake day after day. Vince seems pretty uninterested too, wonder why! (see the Previous Storyline summary for details, I'm not going into it here!)She even tried to introduce her friend Corrina to tempt him. He managed to bore her silly.
The whole Nina & Serge thing is getting even sillier, she found out about his previous fiancee, and wondered why he didn'd say that he loved HER. Serge slimed his way out, as usual, but even Nina is now beginning to suspect something's up. WHY doesn't she just ask Borris? He knows everything, including, in one of the show's sweetest, most romantic moments, Ballroom Dancing, with which he wowed Kate when she was feeling down. He really is a good bloke.

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