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Jeep Comanche Page

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I am devoting this small amount of space on the web to the Jeep Comanche. This model truck was designed from 1986 through 1992. In my opinion this truck was and still is an awesome vehicle. In it's day the Comanche was the king of the compact pickup. It's style was discontinued because Chrysler already had put most of their time and money into the Dodge Dakota. If you search on the web today it is very difficult to find anything on this truck. So far I found only a few pages with some nice pictures. I will continue to look but in the meantime the pictures on the bottom of this page were received from Rob's Comanche Page. This guy's truck is the ultimate offroad vehicle and if you want to see more pictures of this bad truck then go to his homepage at the address above.
These pictures on this page were received from dedicated Jeep lovers across the web. If you have any pictures of a Jeep Comanche I would be most honored to put it on this page...Thanks..
Picture Description
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This is a picture of my Jeep Truck! I am always working on improving it..

Year: 1987
Type: Sport
Engine: 4.0L High Output (1991)
Lift: Stock
Simply put this is a awesome truck.

Year: 1989
Type: Pioneer
Engine: 4.0L
Lift: Stock
This is a bad 4x4 MJ! I received this and the pics below from a guy on the net.

Year: Unknown
Type: Pioneer
Engine: 4.0L
Lift: Unknown
This is a bad truck!
This is yet another awesome pic of the same vehicle!
This is a picture of an MJ I received through email. Nice!

Year: 1989
Type: Unknown
Engine: Unknown
Lift: 3"
This is a picture of an MJ I received through email also. It has the best package offered!

Year: Unknown
Type: Eliminator
Engine: 4.0L
Lift: Stock
Jeep Comanche Specs

Soon I will be putting up a page on how to convert a 4X2 MJ into a nice 4X4!

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