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Racing YSR's in Southern California


2000 C.M.R.R.A. Rule Book

For those of you who don't know me, yes that's me (Jim). With my "Z" Custom leathers , Arai (Aaron Slight replica) and SIDI boots. After a year of fighting with bone cancer (Multiple Myeloma). I have returned back to racing but I'm not able to be competitive for a while. My body still needs time to heal and build up strength. I would like to thank my family and friends who helped me through my fight of my life!

This is my Modified bike for 2000

Harry Okuda from Okuda Racing is our engine builder now.

I race, along with my younger brother (Jason) who has carried out all racing duties for us while I was out. In his first full year of racing he captured the C.M.R.R.A. championship. Taking the Amateur Stock & Modified championship. Placing 3rd in the Vets (25+) class.

In Jason's second year of racing he broke his collar bone which put him out for a couple of races. I'm still not able to race competitively because I can NOT afford to crash at this point.

We race with California Motorcycle Road Race Association (C.M.R.R.A.)I race in the Amateur Modified & Stock class. My brother races the Expert Modified, Stock & Vets classes. Soon our team (A-Tak Force Racing Team) will have a Formula 4 bike & a second faster modified bike ready to race.

Thanks to the following for assisting me in my racing efforts.



The place I call home: Southern California, the Balanced City (let's see if you can figure that one out). But I'm originally from Hawaii....guess which island.

Hobbies: Racing YSR's, tropical fish (Oscar's), box turles, making web pages (Writing H.T.M.L.), Snap-On Tools


How I get everything to the track:

   97 Ford F150

Bikes I used to have:

1981 Honda CB750F

1983 Suzuki GS1100s Katana

Pictures will scroll through when fully uploaded.

If your looking to buy or sell a YSR......

If your rebuilding, restoring or just maintaining your YSR......

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