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               1998 C.M.R.R.A. Champion
               1998 C.M.R.R.A. Amateur Class Champion
               1998 C.M.R.R.A. Amateur Stock Class Champion
               1998 C.M.R.R.A. Amateur Modified Class Champion
               1997 C.M.R.R.A. Beginner Class Champion
               1997 C.M.R.R.A. Beginner Modified Class Champion

What is A-Tak Force Racing Team: We are brothers (Jim & Jason) from Hawaii that race Yamaha YSR's. We are located in Southern California. We race with California Motorcycle Road Race Association (C.M.R.R.A.). Currently we race at four different tracks in Southern California. Streets of Willow, Willow Kart Track, Adams Kart Track, and Amago Raceway.

I (Jim) started racing YSR's late 1996 finding out that this is more fun than it should be with competetive racing, but at the fun level that it is meant to be. Not the kill or be killed type of racing.

Jason started racing YSR's in the middle of 1997 with no experience racing motorcycles. But by the end of 1997 learned fast to be a serious contender, feared and/or liked by others who he races. Including me!

Rider #9-Jim, 1997 overall beginner champion. 1st in the Modified class. 5th in the Stock class. 8th in the Formula 50 class. Currently having a medical setback which has put me out of racing till the beginning of 1999.

Rider #17-Jason, even though just started racing in July of 1997. Never have had been on a YSR before but learned real fast. Resulting in finishing 6th overall. 2nd in the Formula 50 class. 6th in the Modified class. 9th in the Stock class. In 1998 he will be a serious contender for the Stock, Modified and Vets classes. He only gets better and faster everytime he races!

In 1998 he's CMRRA Champion. Also winning the Amatuer Modified & Stock classes. Along with placing 3rd in the Vets class.



Special Assistance from:


Our new addition to our team bikes is this stocker soon to be our second stock bike.

Soon to have new bodywork with a matching team paint job. And a H.O. Racing built motor.

Harry Okuda (H.O. Racing is our engine builder)

As you can see,we are a aggresive team racing YSR's and have a clear commitment to doing the best that we can. In doing so, we need help to maintain the cost of expenses. Anyone (small or large business, private parties or individuals) liking to help promote your own business or just like to help us. Now would be a good time to make arrangements with us to se how we can help each other out. To contact me you can reach me at E-mail (Jim).

Jason, in his first full year of racing is the 1998 Champion. 1st overall in the Amatuer class. 1st in the Stock class. 1st in the Modified class. 3rd in the Vets class.

We have planned for the 1999 season to include myself back racing in the Amateur Modified & Stock classes. Jason will move up to race the Expert Stock & Modified classes. Also continue to race the Vets class.

On March 8,1999 Jason crashed due to a couple of racers in front of him crashing and scattering bikes, parts and bodies all over the track. This left him no place to go so he locked up his brakes and went down hard. Ending up breaking his left collar bone. This will take him out for a couple of races this year.

A-Tak Force Racing Team

1999 C.M.R.R.A. Final Results.

Jim 2nd place Amateur Modified
Jim 12th place Amateur Stock
Jim 17th place Vets Class
Jim 5th place Overall Amateur Class
Jim 10th place C.M.R.R.A. Overall
Jason 7th place Expert Modified
Jason 7th place Expert Stock
Jason 4th place Vets Class
Jason 5th place Overall Expert Class
Jason 11th place C.M.R.R.A. Overall

2001 C.M.R.R.A. Rule Book

2001 C.M.R.R.A. Race Schedule

Jan.07,2001 Adams Kart Track
Feb.10&11,2001 Streets of Willow
Mar.04,2001 Amago Raceway
Apr.07&08,2001 Willow Kart Track
May.13,2001 Adams Kart Track
Jun.03,2001 Adams Kart Track
Jul.21&22,2001 Streets of Willow
Aug.12,2001 Amago Raceway
Sep.09,2001 Adams Kart Track
Oct.06&07,2001 Willow Kart Track
Nov.04,2001 Amago Raceway
Dec.01&02,2001 Willow Kart Track

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