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Well, apart from being Trekkie, I'm a mad-keen Dueser too! Don't ask me why, there's just something about the ultra-polite mountie/cynical Chicago cop combination that makes this show hard to resist. Oh, and there's the wolf too. : )


Benny, or Fraser as some people insist on calling him, is the quintessential gentlemen: unfailingly polite, always neat and tidy, modest to a fault, and very, very intelligent. This wouldn't be much of a problem for most, except that he can take it to the extreme - to the annoyance of, well, everyone. Raised out in the more 'remote' areas of Canada by his wandering, library-owning grandparents, Benny is more than adept at all of the skills needed to survive out in the boonies. However, this becomes another slight minus to his otherwise flawless personality, as he's prone to using those very same skills while pursuing criminals in central Chicago (hence the line "You're tasting things again? That is the grossest thing I have ever seen!"). Like the [unofficial] motto, Benny always gets his man - though he doesn't need much help in getting women : ) - and will often risk life and limb in the line of duty. Never even attempt to get away from this one (not that we ever would) - it's guaranteed you won't get far!

"I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father and, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, have remained attached as liason to the Canadian consulate..."


At first, Ray strikes you as your stereotypical Italian-American: loud, cynical, sarcastic, macho, a guy's guy and fashionable (that's the Italian side talking, no off-the-rack suits for this boy). He's a good, no great, detective - but he will occasionally cut corners in order to obtain a result (that rule is sometimes used elsewhere, but we won't tell if you won't). Born and bred in Chicago, Ray is streetwise to the extreme and often guides Benny in the intricacies of big city living (although some might say it's Benny that's doing the guiding). His younger sister, Francesca, has had eyes for his Mountie friend ever since Benny first set foot in the Vecchio family home - which has led to a few uncomfortable moments. Ray absolutely adores his 1971 Buick Riviera (affectionately know as 'The Riv' by fans). Not that we blame him - it's gorgeous! Divorced, but always on the prowl, Ray sometimes has to stand in the shadow of his more handsome compatriot where the ladies are concerned. Not that he minds that much, it gives him more fodder for teasing. But in the nicest possible way : ).

"Don't make me use my gun... That's it - that's my gun, don't make me use it!"


*Drool!* Brought in to cover for Ray Vecchio while he went deep undercover, Stan is a man who often follows his heart when his head says its better to just let things drop. His hormones also seem to play a role in things too, strangely enough. Not half the cynic that Ray ever was, Stan still has his own crosses to bear - in addition to carrying an identity that isn't his. Unlike Ray, Stan prefers to go for the more streetwise look: 'experimental' hair, jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. But he does carry it off ever so well : )! Benny sometimes serves as an anchor to Stan's somewhat 'loose cannon' personality, and they do have their little (sometimes violent) tiffs. But this could definitely be the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

"D-U-M. Dumb."


Fraser's wolf, but don't ever call him a pet. He's an equal in all things - most especially where food is concerned. Inclined to think with his stomach, Dief goes where the chow is. City life is definitely growing on him.


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