The Battle Beast Center
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The Battle Beast Center

to the Battle Beast Center. This page is all about Battle Beasts. If you even remember these little toys, they were animals that stood only about 2 inches high with armor and weapons. They had a heat-sensitive patch on their chest that when pressed would reveal wood, water, or fire. You could play a game like rock paper scissors with them. Fire beat wood, wood beat water, and water beat fire. You couldn't tell which element your battle beast had until you opened the package. If you were lucky, you would get a sunburst battle beast. When you pressed a sunburst warrior's patch it would reveal a sun. A sunburst warrior could defeat all three of the other elements! Anyway, on this page you can find lists and pictures of battle beasts, buy, sell, and trade battle beasts on the message board, and even chat about battle beasts! If you have questions or comments E-mail or

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