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For trueSpace 5.1

Preliminary Screenshots

Main Window
Light Gaffer is a TrueSpace 5.1 plugin for controlling all lights in
a scene

Full Lighting information
All Lights and their individual settings are available. You may
set and view all lighting properties and light types from inside
the tsx without having to find, select and adjust each light

Physical Lighting
A nice feature included is the ability to load any format graphic
and turn it into a tga, bmp or jpg for use not only with LightGaffer
light images but any TS image that needs format conversion.
Graphic Layout of Lighting
This shows the current lighting layout for the entire scene.
By type, size and color you know what and where you have
placed all lights. Coverage areas are shown for IBL and
spot lights.

  Your custom lighting setups are also saved and available for reuse in any scene

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