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Applied Industrial Technology


 Pneumatic and Hydraulic  Symbols

2/2 Valve; 2 Ports, 2 Positions

3/2 Valve; 3 Ports, 2 Positions

4/2 Valve; 4 Ports, 2 Positions

4/3 Valve; 4 Ports, 3 Positions

5/2 Valve; 5 Ports, 2 Positions

5/3 Valve; 5 Ports, 3 Positions


Air Dryer

Air Motor (One Directional Flow)

Air Motor (Two Directional Flows)

Check Valve (Spring Loaded)


Cylinder (Spring Return)

Cylinder Double Acting
(Double Rod)

Cylinder Double Acting
(Single Fixed Cushion)

Cylinder Double Acting
(Two Adjustable Cushions)

Differential Pressure

Direction of Flow

Exhaust Line or Control Line

Filters and Regulators

Filter (Automatic Drain)

Filter (Manual Drain)

Fixed Restriction

Flexible Line

Flow Control Valve

Flow Gauge


Lines Connected

Lines Crossing


Muscular Control

One Bypass Flow Path and
Two Closed Ports

One Flow Path

Pedal or Treadle

Pilot Pressure (External)

Pilot Pressure (Internal)

Plugged Port

Plunger or Position Indicator Pin


Pressure Actuated Electric Switch

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Regulator
(Adjustable, Non-Relieving)

Pressure Regulator
(Adjustable, Self-Relieving)


Quick Acting Coupling


Roller (One-Way)

Shuttle Valve


Single Square

Solenoid and Pilot;
Manual Override and Pilot