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We all know that catfish can smell right? 
They love stink!



? Lb. Limburger Cheese 

Oatmeal (finely ground oatmeal is best) 

Melt cheese over medium heat. When thoroughly melted remove from heat and mix in oatmeal until the mixture is stiff enough to stay on a hook. Try adding other ingredients in addition to the oatmeal such as liver meal, hog or dairy feed, or finely ground chicken livers.

Gutting a Shad

Most anglers know that shad guts make excellent catfish bait.The gut of the gizzard shad usually gets the most bites.This firm,tough piece of meat usually gets the most bites.

You can fish with . . .

Fresh shad Gut: After catching the shad and removing the gut, you can begin to immediately fish with this bait.Although this bait will work anywhere at anytime,it seems the most productive in tailrace areas.

Frozen shad gut: Works fine, just remember not to thaw out more shad guts than you can possibly use during your fishing trip.Keep in a cooler until ready to use.

Aged shad cuts: Take the fresh shad guts and place them in a sealed Ziplock bag, and leave them in the sun for 3 to 6 hours, depending on the temperature, so that the guts become rancid but not rotten.

Scrap Bait

Take odd pieces of cut-up fish, clams, minnows, crawfish and eels, and put them in a loosely-covered glass jar. Leave this mixture until it turns to oil.Then mix one part oil of anise with five parts of fish oil. Use this as a dip for catfish baits.


Peanut Butter Concoction

Here's a old favorite stink bait recipe that uses 80% cheese, at least 3 years old, 5% calf starter that you can purchase at any feed store, 5% dried animal blood, 5% peanut butter and flour. Mix all the ingredients together, except the flour, until it reaches a creamy texture.Slowly add flour a little bit at a time, and continue blending until you achieve the right consistency.Use this bait with either sponge baits or tube baits.


Cheese and Honey Sponge Bait

Cook a large amount of cheese in a large flat disposable cake-pan over a open fire. Cook until thoroughly melted and hot. Next add 4 or 5 tablespoons of honey to the cheese,stirring the honey into the cheese and continuing to cook until you've thoroughly blended the mixture together.Cut up a 1/4-inch thick sponge into 1 inch squares.Use forks or tongs to lay out the sponges into the hot mixture.After the sponges has absorbed the cheese bait on one side, turn the sponges over, and let the other side soak it up.Transfer the sponges to a sheet of tinfoil,until cool and dry. Store in ziplock storage baggies until ready to use.Freezing's OK.


If you want to catch catfish, 
try this home made bait: 


1 carton chicken livers
1 package of limburger cheese
Enough flour to stiffen the bait

You'll need rubber or plastic gloves for the first part. Put the gloves on and mush the limburger, and chicken livers. Mix until thoroughly blended. Then mix in flour until you get the consistency you want. Let set in the sun for at least 4 days with the lid slightly open. (The bait will rise slightly.) Use this bait with catfish worms, or sponge hooks.


Squid!?. . .

Has any one ever used squid for bait? One time I was planning on going catfishing. I went around to all the stores in the hole town and no one had any mackerel or chicken livers. I was talking to this one butcher about going fishing he told me that they had no mackerel but he could give me some squid, yes, squid! He gave it to me for free, I thought what the heck, so I gave it a try and I never caught so many cats! Plus the skin is tough so it stays on the hook when you cast and you can use it over and over again so bait up and hang on!!!

Suckers. . .

One of the best all around baits I have found is "sucker meat". Suckers can be found almost anywhere, and when you are cat fishing, you will more then likely catch a few. The trick here is to "leave the skin on" your bait pieces, and start the hook through the skin side so that the sharp point of the hook comes out into the meat side. This will make it almost impossible for the "nibblers" to get your bait off your hook, and the fish don't seem to mind that the skin is still on the bait.


O.K. You have tried the rest,
NOW try the Best.... 

Wheaties & raw Hamburger!!! Yes, you read it right! Make dough bait of Wheaties & water (just a-Nuff to make a very firm ball), now mix in an equal part of the cheapest Burger you can find (cats love cholesterol) Now throw in just a pinch of garlic powder & BAM!

Fish this mix under a slip bobber with the bait 1-2 inches off the bottom. I wade the lower White River (Indy area) & KILL THEM CAT"S using this bait! Just put on a ball about the size of a grape on the hook, drop it in the current & let it drift downstream 40 or 50 yards, if ya ain't got a fish on by then (a rare occurrence, but it could happen from time to time) reel it back in & try again, if you have trouble keeping this goop on your hook (ya put too much water in the wheaties) try using some of that plastic netting ya get when ya buy a bag of onions, you know the stuff! It seems to work a lot better than "PANTY HOSE" & your wife won't look at ya cross eyed when you ask for it.

Soak your fillets in milk for a few hours. It takes the blood out  without screwing up the meat like saltwater or tap water will!

Well, I hope this works as good for you as it has for me. 


First I'd like to say I've tried many of the fine recipes listed here in the previous days, and I must say they work very well.

I also have a great recipe for anyone that's interested. The recipe calls for some ground chicken liver, mixed with cornmeal, flour and crushed corn flakes of your choice. Use the blood as a thinner and mix until you get the desired thickness. You can ground the liver yourself, or use it in a blender or food processor without any blood until its crushed. When your all done just put it in a Ziploc bag overnight and your ready to go. GOOD LUCK you ain't going to need it!

Thanx, Santow! 


My Dad, Pete Sr. used to make stink bait for fishing. He took a 5 gallon can, put a gallon of chicken guts, a couple gallons of rotten milk, a couple of cans of condensed milk, a gallon of blood from the local slaughter house, several pounds of beef melt, several pounds of corn meal, and sometimes a little garlic.

He punched a little hole (1/8th) inch in the lid, put the lid on and buried it about 100 yards from the house in a wheat field. He would leave it in the ground for 3-4 weeks. He always put a short stick next to it so that it could be located later. After a couple of weeks the stick was not necessary. The smell was so strong that it could be located by smell. It was really stink bait.

I always thought he had a lot of courage to reach into that stinky mess to bait hooks on bank lines and trott lines. He did catch the fish too. He used to fish the Arkansas River and the Ninnescah River near Belle Plaine Kansas. Try it it works!

Pete Reathaford - Sand Diego, CA 



This might be the dog-gonest bait you have ever tried partner. Easy too! This is how we do it if we are out for a weekend of catfishing - and it works well on trott lines too.

1. ferment a 5 lbs. of milo in a bucket with lid . . .
away from house

2. a double handful of cotton seed meal

3. a big box of wheaties [Breakfast of Champions] 

4. 2 large eggs 

5. 1 cup Karo syrup

Extract a large mason jar w/lid of the grain. Mix the other items together and make a ball. If it does not make a ball, add a can of biscuits - there was to much cotton seed meal. Then mash up the remaining grain to pulp - which we will use for chum. Use treble hook to load your bait on and use a scoop to spread your chum. Make sure it's mashed well - we don't want them full before they find our hook!

So once your hook is baited, dip that dude in the jar for a couple minutes. You may want a spoon to help push them fermented seeds in the dough bait. That also helps to not get the smell of your hands on the bait. Fish the flats - 4 cats. #1 most important . . .

 mix the bait in all in your wife's best bowl and don't wash them so when she screams you get to go fishing to let her cool off!!

Sam "Walkingeagle" Davidson - Kansas City, MO 


2 lbs fresh chicken liver from grocery store, 1 box Velveeta cheese, 3 tablespoon of garlic, 1 stick of Lindberger cheese,  1 cup of flour (any kind)

Now your ready . . .

Cut up the chicken liver into 1 inch square chunks, pour garlic and flour into bowl, roll chicken into bowl. Cut cheeses into 1 inch chunks as well, put in separate bowl microwave on high for 4 minutes, pour melted cheese onto chicken that you just seasoned. Put in fridge covered overnight. Next time you fish, just put your garlic chicken cheese liver chunks on the hook and get ready. They cant resist it!

Benjamin S. - Willmar, MN 


I caught a 38 pound channel cat with this concoction I made.

1.  2 Table spoons of peanut butter

2. 3 pinches of garlic powder

3. 1 cup of vinegar

4. 1 cup of oats (oatmeal)

5. 1 cup of corn flakes

Mix together until it looks like stuffing, or until thick. If it doesn't thicken, or is too thick add vinegar, or more oats to the recipe. Try this out and email the results!!

Matt - Metamora, IL 



GM Fiber One bran cereal, bread, Big Red soda pop, chicken livers, squeezeable cheeze spread. Blend the bran cereal, the bread, the cheese spread and the chicken livers. Add Big Red until the right consistency is achieved. This will draw them out of a deep sleep.

George Glasgow of Montgomery Texas 


take a can of any kind of canned biscuit dough cut it into bite sized pieces add garlic powder and little bit of Tabasco sauce mix together (mend) set it in a plastic container for a few days make sure it is air tight lay a wet rag on the bottom place the dough on the towel and go fishin

brandon lay

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