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Indianapolis Colts
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Colts Influence
Wednesday, 7 May 2008
Do we really know Marvin Harrison?
Mood:  quizzical

Do we really know Marvin Harrison?

I have to admit, this is all VERY SHADY!

We all know Marvin Harrison. Number 88, Wide receiver for The Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning's number one go to man! Ask the Indianapolis Colts about Marvin Harrison and you'll hear plenty about what a skilled pass-catcher and teammate he is.

Or do we know Marvin Harrison? 

Marvin has always been a very exceptional NFL player while he has always been reticent. Harrison, who politely refuses NFL reporters' questions almost without fail, doesn't offer up much about his personal side, even to those who play alongside him.

I think the only time anybody has seen Marvin speak to the press was in 2006 at the Super Bowl Media Day, the annual three-ring circus staged inside the stadium that teems with one of the greatest concentrations of media types anywhere.

"Hey! What's up? How ya'll doing?'' Harrison said, busting out a huge grin. "I saw ya'll on the Jay Leno show!''

However, Marvin has made headlines several times outside his NFL career.

In January of 2003 The Jets were looking into a pregame incident involving a Jets ball boy and Colts receiver Marvin Harrison today. Harrison was catching passes from Peyton Manning before warm-ups. Nearby, Jets punter Matt Turk was practicing and the ball boy, Matt Prior, was retrieving balls for him.

Harrison apparently became upset that the punts were sailing near him and Manning, and he confronted Prior, knocking him to the ground, according to Marty Lyons, a former Jet. Lyons, an analyst on the Jets' radio broadcast, reported that Harrison put his hands on Prior's neck before security guards ended the confrontation. The Jets confirmed that there was physical contact between Harrison and Prior and said that the league was aware of the incident.

Then in 2005 Harrison was sued after the 2005 Pro Bowl when three boys accused him of attacking them when they tried to get his autograph. The suit alleged Harrison "violently and physically attacked" the minors, including placing a "potentially deadly choke hold" on one of the boys, but it was later dismissed.

And now this . . .

Marvin made headlines big time May 2, 2008 which involved a bar fight and a shooting in and in front of a bar owned by Marvin Harrison in North Philadelphia, where high crime and unfettered poverty have earned this area a reputation as a slum.

On April 29 in Marvin got into a fight with a man and followed him out to his car. Gunshots broke out, and the alleged intended victim was shot in the hand and has refused to identify the shooter.

Media is claiming that Marvin was simply being questioned and Marvin himself claims he was not involved with the shooting.

Yet . . .

The recent development is six of the bullet casings found at the bar after the shooting came from a gun that belongs to Marvin. While Marvin was interviewed last week, the police still have no suspect. His people say his gun wasn't a part of the shooting, and that he wasn't even there. Although, to contradict his not being "present" claim, he did own up to being a part of a fist fight that very night at his bar. Marvin also admitted to owning the same gun used in the fire fight, but said his gun never left his home. But the kabosh was put on that when the authorities actually found his gun in a bucket at his car wash (which is about a half mile away from his bar). Ballistic tests showed it was in fact the same gun used in the shooting.

"It's mine, but I left it at home." That was Marvin's excuse.

Marvin claims he was there, but he was fist-fighting, not gun-fighting; and the gun was his, but it had been at his home the whole time. Regardless, he can be placed at the scene, and his gun can be placed at the scene as the weapon used. Six of the bullet casings -which implies that there are more? Which would mean there is more than one gun involved,

Now, I am not in anyway suggesting that Marvin Harrison is guilty as I believe he is innocent.

But . . .

I have to admit, this is all VERY SHADY!

Posted by ia3/colts at 3:47 PM
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