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Community Builders Inc.

Due to a sudden change of heart and flurry of consience, I am closing down the website, email account, driveway account, and all other internet accounts associated with CBI. We will also be shutting down all our operations and destroying all records and plans. Our arsenal of toilet paper, vinegar, flour, and forks will be donated to the house of compassion and all fireworks with be doused with gasoline and burned. Some of you may be disappointed, but it's got to be done. Try doing something constructive with your freetime. Buy groceries for people on your block you know that are having trouble with bills, look after any widows or elderly that need yardwork done, do community clean-ups, establish neighborhood watches (the right way), open doors for people at stores, volunteer with the conservation board, house of compassion, or salvation army. As for this hooligan, my trouble-making days are over. I'm officially retired.

Thank you for your time, patience, money, and whatever else you might've supported us with,

Alexander James Quentin Duggan