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Teddy Bears

A = Andrew is 36" tall & made of med. brown synthetic fur. He likes being casual, wearing gray trousers and a red & gray stripe shirt. $60.00

B = Claude is 36" tall & made of cream color synthetic fur. He's most comfortable in his overalls & work shirt. $60.00

C = Ann Marie is 36" tall & made of gray synthetic fur. She loves to dress up. Her pink sweater w/ ballerina bear is her favorite. $60.00

D = Amber is #6" tall & made of gold color synthetic fur. She thinks jumpers look best on her. $60.00
All the large bears have jointed arms & legs. They size 4T clothes.

E = These bears are 16" tall overall w/ jointed head, arms & legs for multiple poses. They have a cloth bow tied around their neck. $18.00

F = These little bears are wonderfull cuddlers. 12" tall overall. They are jointed all around, & their legs are bent at the knee for easy sitting. $12.00