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March 4, 2002

We're lucky, we know that. So, as the story goes, on March 4, 2002, our home was destroyed by a fire. We were not home at the time, the cause has now been declared an electrical short in the kitchen wiring. The best summary of the fire is:


Leif and I are okay. The house is destroyed. Our belongings are...we can physically touch most things, wearing gloves. However, smoke and water damage has destroyed most everything except clothes. Some of our belongings can be cleaned, others can't. We're lucky, though - so much can be saved, we had awesome people around to help

we had partial insurance (though not as much as we thought), the Red Cross helped out for a few days, and we're in a pretty good spot. We've moved into a duplex and are busy getting things back to as normal as possible.

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