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Laylas Story

Layla Desdemona
Species: Half Elf ~ Demi Goddess....
Age: 22
Description: She is a unassuming beauty. Unaware of her outer beauty, constentrating on mainly on the beauty of her inner being. She has long glossy Ebony silken tresses. Smouldering expressive pale violet thick lashed sultry eyes. She stands at 5'8 . and weighs around 125lbs.
Attire: She usually found in long gowns, of various shades and styles. Dressing as a Lady.
Personalitly: She is quick to speak her mind,...with a strong sense of Right and Wrong. She has a wry subtle sense of humor, and loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. She holds honor in her heart and fights to bring honor to those who carry none. She lives with constant battle within her of Light and Dark. Being a creature of both...usually able to maintain a balance of the two. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family, being there for them when she is able. She has a kind heart and gentle way about her, holding herself with dignity, style and grace. Children always holding a special place in her heart, she goes out of her way for any child in need she comes across
Abilities: She has Empathic and Telepathic abilites, is is a Mage and Healer, she practices mostly elemental magic. SHe holds the powers of her fathers, Darkones, church. Mainly working with the souls of the good and honorable escorting them to their final rewards.
Weapons: She is not a fighter by chose but can and will if need be. She carries matching daggers, a gift from her dear friend GothVamp, they have the Desdemona name engraved on the blade and on the hilt Amethyst stones are embedded

So, you have come to hear my story. Ok, make yourself comfortable and i shall share with you my tale.
In a village, I would say 2-3 days journey from Tyrans Cove, called ElvenAerie their lived a kindly old elf King, Akili, and his young bride, Mirabelle. The marriage was one of arrangement, than one of love. Mirabelle being promised at a young age. Akili's first wife passed to the otherworld while given birth to his son. The child, Erykthan, survived and grew under the loveing care of a nanny.
Akili, was lonely after his first wifes passing, he could not see himself with anyother woman. Until one day as we was walking through the village. His gaze fell upon a beautiful woman-child. The second he saw her he knew his fate was held in her small hands. He sought out her parents and made the necessary arrangements, and waited for her to come of age.

Mirabelle, was a gentle and wise soul. Her violet eyes, soft and warm, her raven hair flowing about her shoulders. She carried herself with graceful movements. She always was quick with a captivating smile, and was friends with all in the village, few unable to resist her innocent charm and quick wit. Upon meeting the King Akili, she saw a man with a kind open face and bright smile. Years of pain and sorrow behind his golden brown eyes, seemingly melted as their eyes met. She also saw her fate lie within his eyes. Being a young girl her heart carefree and full of romance. She was saddened a bit by the knowledge that her pre-arranged marriage would lack the passion and fire, any youug person seeks. Though she knew she would grow to love Akili, it would be a love made out of respect and friendship, of deep caring.
A few months before the wedding was to take place. Mirabelle was walking in the woods gathering herbs for her family. For the healing of the sick and hurt from the village. She was humming softly to herself and taking in the wonderous beauty MotherEarth had to offer. Praying and offering her silent thanks to the Goddess for the gifts she recieved. She happened to come to a clearing, and heard a voice. a deep voice, of a man. She crept quietly closer and looked into the clearing. She saw a man, a human knight, talking quietly to himself. The knights horse nickered softly as Mirabelle looked through the trees. The knights head snapped up his eyes immediately falling upon her. Mirabelle froze fear gripping her. She tried to run but her legs became like leaden weights and would not move. The knight smiled brightly to her, standing slowly. His dark blue eyes sparkling and friendly. Mirbelle felt her heart begin to pound as the knight walked slowly to her. Speaking softly. Mirabella's belly turned to butterflys as he approached. She felt her body react seeming on its own. As passion and desire she had never known washed over her body. "I am Hidrlgo," he said softly." And you M'Lady a most beautiful" Before either of them realized it they were in each others arms, kissing passionately. Each driven with the need for each other so intense, so blindlingly fast it seemed almost as though they were enchanted. They made love amoung the leaves and trees of the forest. When Mirabelle finally regained her senses she was overwhelmed with shame. She gathered her belongings and fled into the woods. Never to see her hanesome night again. Her secret sat in the pit of her stomach like a stone. She swore she would never tell a soul of her betrayl. But a small part of her glowed. She had known passion, and let it wrap around her like a blanket.

Not long after Mirabelle and Akili's wedding, Mirabelle found she was pregnant. She had known instantly the father was not her husband. Her heart grew heavy with despair. Akili was pleased to hear of his new bride so quickly being with child. Erykthan at that time a boy of 10, grew jealous and resentful of his new mother. Erykthans heart seemed cold and distant even at his young age and was a constent source of aggrevation and sorrow for the King and Queen. As the day appraoched for Mirabelle to birth the child her belly large and rounded. The lie she held in her heart could no longer be held within her. With tears in her eyes and pain in her heart she told Akili of her Knight and the day in the forest. Within the shadows Erykthan lurked and listened with a demented satisfaction to her tale. For he knew now this bastard child in her womb bore no claim to his throne and his family. Akili, was broken hearted, but lovingly forgave his wife. He vowed to love and care for the child as it were his own. Erykthan's eyes grew dark and he slipped off to his room, growling. He would not let a halfling child contaminate the royal family. He vowed that one day he would remove the child.

The day came And Mirabelle went into labor. The royal priests and clerics being called, as Mirabelle layed screaming upon her royal bed. Being a half human child Layla was larger than elven children and proved to big to be pushed out. the priests and clerics informed the Queen to save the child they would have to cut her belly open. The procedure was usually fatal for both mother and child. But then at that point. It seemed hopeless either would live anyway. With her mind crazed in pain. Mirabelles only thought was for the child. "Take it..." she was able to moan as another contraction ripped through her little body. Akili waited anxiously in an outer chamber, his faced lined with worry and sorrow. A priest carried a bundle to the King. " A girl M'Lord" Akili looked to the priest. "And her mother?" The priest lowered his eyes. " She lost to much blood M'Lord and this child took to much of her strength. M'Lady lays within the arms of the Goddess now" Akili looked down upon the child. And saw his wife's eyes looking back at him. With a sob, he instructed the priest to name her Layla."dark beauty" and to immediately put upon her the crest of the family. The red dragon.
As the years past, Layla grew to look more and more like her mother...her father always seemed though loving and supportive, distant. Her brother never around her and she sensed a deep hatered within him for her though she new not why. She found solace in reading and walking in the forest.
Erykthan, grew power hungry and through his jealousy and want for the throne. Devised a plan for taking care of both Layla and his father. One night while his Father lay sleeping, he slit his throat. Erykthan laughed as his father looked to him one last time. Erykthan then took the bloody dagger and went to Layla's room. He laid the dagger in her hands, as she slept.

As the sun rose the body of the King was discovered. An alarm rang out through the castle. Layla awoke, to guards running through the halls. She turned her head and saw the bloody dagger in her hands. Confused she sat up, at the same time Erykthan burst through her chamber door. "There....there is the murderer of the King." he shouted. Layla's eyes widened as she throught the dagger from her. Guards surrounded her.."Whip her, and throw her in the dungeon...she dies when the sun reaches it highest point." Erykthan gave Layla a wicked grin as he turned on his heel and went to plan his coranation.
Layla was dragged to the dungoen her mind still trying to comprehend what was happening to her. She was strapped to a rack. Her nightclothes were ripped from her back. Layla begged and plededed her innocense of the crime. In return all she heard was a wicked laugh, and a gruff voice. " Tis a pity to tear open such beautiful skin" Layla screamed as the whip tore into her flesh, she felt the whip, bite into her a twice more before fainting.
She woke to a face she did not know. She handed her a cloak and pulled her through the dungon doors. " Find GothVamp" the woman said as she showed Layla to a secret passage. "Run from here never to return" She handed Layla a scroll and closed the secret door behind Layla. Layla made her way along the tunnel her wounds reopened by her movements oozing blood down her back. Each step was sheer agony and she felt each one would be her last. She made it to the end of the tunnel and came out of it on the eastside of the castle and as quickly as she could ran into the woods. Finally her intense agony could not be bared anylonger and she collapsed. As she slipped to unconsciousness her thoughts turned to death and almost welcomed it.

Layla's eyes fluttered open, a dull ache coming from her back. She focused slowly finding herself in a darkened room and in a bed. She turned her head, having caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Her gaze feel upon a man, his soulful eyes watching her...."You are safe my child, rest" His hand moved over her face and she again feel asleep. She later learned, the man was Gothvamp. As she recovered with his magick and kindness, they became friends. He became her Mentor teaching her the art of Magic. Sharing with her his wisdom and guidence.

TIME IN TYRAN: Layla came to TyransCove a bit naive and innocent, a young woman with a strong sense of Honor. She joined joined the FreeSide a group of independents gathering sharing infomation and getting view points,..and eventually earned a seat on the main Governing body of Tyran,...The Supreme High Council. At the time this filled her with great joy and pride. She had thought being chosen to represent the independents was a great honor, and she always felt that way during her time with the SHC. Always trying to hold up the ideal behind the SHC. Layla had ways of finding trouble. Mostly by stepping in when someone was wrongfully being attacked, or by makeing noise in the posts,.stating her opinions and ideas freely. But alas this leads to another story for another time.