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                       John Dolphin &
Rebecca Schallenberger

Family Group Sheet
Rebecca Shallenberger
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            John served in the 7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment from Aug 1861 to Sep 1, 1864.
            He was also assigned to the 4th US Artillery for about 1 year.
            Prior to the war, John was a teamster, and later became a farmer.
            John was also a man of many wives - having 3 wives during his lifetime. 
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            Husband: John Dolphin
            born:   Sep 17,1841    place: Farver Newhouses or Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire,England
            died:   Feb 03,1927    place: Soldiers Home, Los Angeles Co,CA
            buried: Feb 07,1927    place: Soldiers Home Cemetery,Los Angeles Co,CA
            Wife: Rebecca Schallenberger "Calvert"
            born: Nov 07,1843      place: Canton,Stark Co,Ohio
            marr: Dec 02,1866      place: Glen Haven Township,Grant Co, WI
            died: Oct 23,1925      place: Lancaster Twp,Grant Co, WI
            buried: Hillside Cemetery, Lancaster, WI

            Rebecca was previously married with last name of Calvert.
            Her maiden name was Schallenberger.
            NOTE: According to microfiche of Marriage entry #00323 - date of marriage 
            listed above is accurate.  However, Nov 22, 1863 is listed in book
            "We Have a Heritage".  This was marriage date to Richard Calvert.    
            Children of John and Rebecca
            #1 Jessie Dolphin / Starr
               born: Nov 12,1867      place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
               died: Jun 13,1951      place: Lancaster,Grant Co,WI
            #2 Warren Jay Dolphin
               born: Aug 25,1869      place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
               died: Jan 1913         place: Council Bluffs,IA
            #3 Harry Dolphin
               born: Abt 1872         place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
            #4 Charles Augustus Dolphin
               born: Nov 16,1873      place: North Andover Twn,Grant Co,WI
               died: Jul 20,1924      place: Prairie du Chien,Crawford Co,WI
            #5 Rutherford B. Dolphin
               born: Abt 1876        place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
               died: Jul 16,1946     place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
            #6 Nettie Dolphin / Hammes
               born: Jan 1878         place: Glen Haven Twn,Grant Co,WI
            #7 Agnes Dolphin / Orton
               nickname: Aggie
               born: Feb 06,1880        place: North Andover,Grant Co,WI
               died: Feb 27,1948        place: Lancaster,Grant Co,WI
            #8 Lulu Dolphin / Henkel
               born: Apr 1883           place: North Andover,Grant Co,WI
            #9 James Dolphin
               born: May 15,1885       place: Glen Haven, WI
               died: Sep 01,1964       place: Lancaster Twp,, WI
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                       Lillian Pearl Gray
John's Second Wife

Lillian Pearl Gray

Lillian Gray
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            The Phoebus paper, dated Sunday, Dec 12, 1915 had an entry entitled: Bride of a Veteran 
            "John Dolphin, 66 years old, a member of the National Soldiers' Home and 
            Miss Pearl Greene, 22 years old, of Phoebus, were yesterday granted a license
            to marry by Clerk of Courts, Harry H. Holt.  The wedding took place in Phoebus,
            the ceremony being performed by the Rev. L.T. McLane of the Methodist church."

            Note that Greene should be Gray.  Also, the age of John is suspect in this artical.
            John should actually be about 74 years old.
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            Wife2: Lillian Pearl Gray
            born: Jul 20, 1894/95?    place: Isle of Wight, VA. 
            marr: Dec 12, 1915        place: Phoebus, Virginia
            Child of John and Lillian
            #1 John Wesley Dolphin
               born: June 22, 1917    place: Sawtelle, CA  
               died: 1982       
            Note: It is not known for certain if this child was the son of John Dolphin 
            or Frank Ervin.  Apparently she never officially divorced John Dolphin,
            but is said to have had a relationship with Frank Ervin. 

            The birth certificate has the child's name as John Wesley "Dolphin".
            However, Frank Ervin raised the boy as John Wesley Ervin.  
            Thus there is the question of the true biological father.  
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            Margaret Miller
John's third Wife
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            Wife3: Margaret Louise Miller / Santonge / Dolphin
            born: Mar 04,1859         place: Keokuk?, Iowa
            marr: Jun 29,1922         place: Redondo Beach, Los Angeles Co,CA
            died: Jan 31,1948         place: Los Angeles, CA
            parents: Wm. E. Miller and Mary A. Garey  - they were from Missouri.

            Previous Husband: Joseph Santonge (Widowed)
                        died: June 30, 1911 (Civil War Vet)
            occupation: Listed as Nurse.
            Declaration for Widows' Pension listed birth date of Margaret. There also appears to be a note
            that she was previously married to an Albert Lee Fuller. No mention of Joseph Santonge. This is 
            the only document I've seen this name listed. Also on this document, although faded, it kind of
            looks like her birth place could be "Keokuck, Iowa". Iowa is clear, but town or county is faded.
            Also note on marriage application witness' name is Van Santongue (note the 'gue' ending) who 
            resided in Las Vegas, NV.
            Note: Received death date from another genealogist quoting CA death index entry.  Also on this
            index, quoted 1857 as birth date. I had 1859 based on pension records. - Need verification.
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            Richard Calvert
Rebecca's First Husband
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            Husband1: Richard Calvert
            marr: Nov 22,1863         place: Grant Co.,Wisconsin
            died: During Civil War
            NOTE: A Civil War pension index shows name of soldier Richard Calvert
            and name of widow: Rebecca Calvert.
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