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These are my dragons.

They roam free in my realm. Dragons are basicly peaceful creatures, although the images may show something else. They are very much like humans and have a similar temperment. Dragons may pefer peace but are quick to anger. Once angered, these dragons will rataliate in a swift and possibly brutal fasion. But if left alone they will simply ingore outsiders.


Although the history of the realm is not entirely clear, it is known that this attack was prompted by the defending humans. It is not known however, exactly what they did to anger the dragons.

-Dragon Sentry-

The dragons of my realm are very territorial. They are known to activly guard their regions. To this end, the dragons often post sentries to watch intruders. The dragons perch themselves in crevices, dark shadows, or as in this case, on mountin peaks.


Dragons hatch from eggs. A female may lay up to five eggs at on time. The gestation period of dragons is not know for certain, but there is usually at least a twenty year period between litters (I use litter for lack of a better word). It is not known how many litters a female can have, though it is expected to be three to five.

This particular young dragon is a male. It can be identified by the apperance of the two horns on each side of the skull presant at birth. All dragons in my realm grow horn along the jaw bone as they age. These horns grow into a unique pattern for all dragons, kind of a dragon fingerprint. Only males have horns that protrude from the upper skull. These horns grow forward, one going over the eye, the other going under it.

-Village Attack-

In a similar fashoin to the above "Attack", this one was promted by the villagers. It is believed that the villagers harbored a wizard that had attacked the dragons. Enraged, the dragons sought out the wizard. They demanded the villagers turn over the wizard or they would attack. Defenceless, the villagers were willing to do so, but the wizard had escaped during the confusion. Thinking they were protecting the wizard, the dragons attacked!


The dragon Demacara Irivishae had tracked the wizard to a rocky mountain top. Demacara Engaged the wizard in battle. The start of the battle is depicted here. The combantants were soon locked in battle. Demacara was able to defeat the wizard with only minor injuries.

Demacara Irivishea is a younger but prominate member of his clan. His father, Demaleno Irivishae, is one of the elders of the clan. Demacara is next in line to lead the clan.

This clan of dragons rank is a matter of heredity. There are four elders in the clan. When an father dies, his eldest son take place in the clan. Although rank is based on family, there is much competition within the clan. It is possible to challenge a member to increase rank, though such occurances are rare.

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