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Obi's Wolf Adoptions
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Last Updated: April 28th,2002

Hi! I'm Obi, and this is my pal Rocki. I run this place, and take care of all the wolves and creatures staying here. Here you can adopt a wolf or a whole wolf family to love and care for here. WE will soon be expanding our site to accomodate more than just wolf and canine creatures so look for the new additions! You can now JOIN the Top 50 Cyber pet Sites! We have changed the way adoptions are going to be handeled and hope that everyone still remembers to fill out the form!

Phew! woww.. long time no see ^_^ Yes, I'm still alive. A bit of an update.. nothing much really. The Spirit wolves have been taken down. They are getting a whole new look!!! It'll be good ^_^ that's it for today. sorry it wasn't much of an update. ~Obi

I'd like to thank everyone for their time, support, and help in making this site what it is today!

I know I haven't been updating alot lately, if you want to see what I've been doing go hereI should get some more adoptions up within the next week..

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copywrite 1999 created by Deanne July 15, 1999 all text images graphics and ideas are mine unless stated otherwise do NOT take anything and claim it as your own!( ex. taking backgrounds or other graphics, or taking a wolf and putting it up for adoption on your site)