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Born in Iowa June 1947, he is the oldest son of nine children. He attended a class of six students in a rural South Dakota school. Most of his childhood was spent growing up alone side the west river in South Dakota. His family had become Nomads, moving overtwenty times by his tenth birthday. The longest period of time in any one location was a total of six years in South Dakota.It is the inspiration of many of his writings today.


He always had the knack of telling a story. After moving back to Iowa with his family when he was fifteen, where he graduated with a class of sixty six students from High School. His heart remained in South Dakota of which he often wrote about.

Coming from a poor working class family, it wasn't until later in life that he was able to further his Education. In 1999 he would study the next  four years at the Southwest Minnesota State University. He majored in Psychology with a strong emphasis in English. With taking creative writing classes, his writing took on a new flavor. His writings to this day, remain finely seasoned with his memories of his youth while growing up in South Dakota..