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Welcome Human

to the Elfin realm of


The Elfin folk of Cerilia have no love for the humans that drove them from their ancient homes. The Elves remember to this day the wounds given to them by human folk.

The Greatest of the Elfin realms of Anuire is Tuarhielvel.

Fhileraene is Prince of that dangerous land.

Fhileraene is an enigma. None understand him, perhaps he does not even understand himself. He is the only son of the former Queen Ibelcoris of Tuarheivel, who was daughter to Manslayer, thus he is Manslayer's grandchild. Those elfin folk who know both, claim that Fhileraene closely resembles his maternal grandfather. It remains to be seen whether he has inherited more that Rhuobhe's looks.

The bloodline of Fhileraene is strangely mixed. He has inherited both the blood of Reynir and Azrai. The blood of the old Druid god runs slightly stronger but every now and then the dark blood boils to the surface Fhileraene is strange even for an elf though he holds court with those who hate humans as much as Manslayer, he seems to be fascinated by humans. A rumour is currently circulating that the niece of the Mhor (Savane) has become enamoured with the Elf Prince and apparently he has returned the girl 's affections, though these rumours predominate in Mhoried where they are afraid of the elves as they as of the dark and golliwogs.

Fhileraene is counted beautiful beyond human experience. His highs are passionate and he enjoys life to the utter limits. However, occasionally when Azari's blood takes control, he flies into moods of black rage.. Some even claim that Fhileraene intends to make his grandfather Manslayer Prince and become his Lieutenant.

However, recent news is amazing if it is to be true. Only a week ago manslayer did in fact arrive in the Kingdom of Tuarhievel. It seemed as if the roumers in the heartlands were true. However, at the very ceremony that Fhileraene was to hand his kingdom over to Manslayer, events seem to have gone awry. Savane came forward wearing the wedding dress Fhileraene had gifted her. Manslayer shocked at the implication, demanded the human girl's death. When Fhileraene refused, swords were drawn.

Tuarhievel's wizards cast spells of protection and speed upon their Prince while a quiet half-elf passed Fhilerane a small bottle. Battle was joined and at first all seemed equal. Fhileraene seemed to possess the strength of a titan, but Manslayer was more skilled and struck again and again, yet he himself took blows which hamed him and caused a white ichor to flow from his body. Fhileraene seemed to drop his sword and in the moment of Manslayer's triumph he pulled a small siverish dagger from deep in his clothing. Tighmaevrel! He struck Manslayer such a blow and directly to his heart. Manslayer's god-like bood powers flowed away from him and up into Fhileraene. The clouds gathered and rained blood, the Thorn throne put forth a bloom of red roses and the kings of the Dragons, Unicorns and Forrest Giants all arrived to pay homage.

Fhileraene vanquished Manslayer as his followers, many of whom casting aside their rich elfin clothes proved to be human and the last of Manslayers subject swore an oath of fealty to their new prince. Fhileraene, himself appeared much changed, his skin now mottled black, was only the most obvious change. Since that event, the elves of the Sielwode have allied themselves openly as has Dhoesone and Cariele. Fhileraene complains of hearing voices, most notably that of Manslayer and has become quick tempered and even cruel. What does the future hold?

Should you wish to converse with Fhileraene and learn elvish wisdom and the delights of joy then contact him at the below address: