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Total War - Recent Updates and Add-ons

December 14, 2003-I may have some more updates, as I recently stumbled into several pricess sources of information on U-Boats, and I'm nearly finished with classes. U-394 should be up later today, and perhaps one or two other boats. Furthermore, I'm going to begin research on the Emden, which won't take long. This would finish out the German cruisers (FINALLY!), and I would hope to be able to finish up some of the later war destroyers (shorter histories, so they'd be done faster) before beginning active research on ships like Z4 Richard Beitzen that survived the war. I will also be posting book reviews on some of the WW2 books that I read, as an excellent book on the Burma Road was provided to me. I'm not finished reading it, so the review won't be up yet, but maybe around this coming Friday or so.

I also hope to get some projects up and moving for the US Navy as well, getting a couple of the battleship classes done. My apologies, as the website has fallen by the wayside in light of a busy schedule, but I hope to add more soon. Also, a section on uniforms, and another on weapons may be added soon, so keep an eye out, and as always, feedback is appreciated. But for now, enjoy the information that is up, and if you would like to see a specific ship, battle, or a specific WWII personality, then please send an email to and I will respond as fast as I can. I check my email daily, so you should receive a response quickly. Please include Total Warfare in the header, or else I may accidentally delete it as junk mail. Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy the website.

Jonathan Butler, Webmaster
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