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Major Battles Of World War Two

Welcome to the Battle Pages section of my site. I'm working on adding Mars-El-Kebir, or the Battle of Oran, Battle of Cape Matapan, re-doing Leyte Gulf, and many other items if I can get the information reliably enough. I want to get the Mediterranean and Atlantic War started soon, including some version of a battle report on the Blitzkrieg and later Sitzkrieg. I would also include battles such as Stalingrad, Battle of Britain, Dunkirk, Operation Torch, with the battle of El Alamein included as a separate report, most likely at least, and many of the other

Pacific War

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Loss of Force Z
Doolittle's Raid on Tokyo
Battle of Coral Sea
Battle of Midway
Guadalcanal Campaign Page
Battle of Savo Island (Guadalcanal Campaign)
Battle of Cape Esperance (Guadalcanal Campaign)
First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal Campaign)
Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal(Guadalcanal Campaign)
Battle of Tassaforonga (Guadalcanal Campaign)

Atlantic and Mediterranean Theater


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