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Survivor Stories

James S. Peters Sr, USAAF (Retired)
Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner (B-17G), 15th Army Air Force, 99th Bomb Group, 348th Bomb Squadron (1944-1945)

We were on a mission one day and the tail gunner got excited....the right waist gunner called him and asked "Are you hit?" (The tail gunner could not be seen from the waist on the B17). (The tail gunner was quite a hunter and used to drive us crazy with the tales of how many geese or ducks he had shot.)

We were on the bomb run and the flak was getting close. The reason the tail gunner was concerned was the flak was tracking us and he was getting afraid because it was very close to him. He replied "No.. I'm not hit,but I'm going to get it, if the flak gets any closer."

A pause of a minute or two and a BIG SIGH. The right waist called him again and asked again "Are you hit?" The reply was, "No,they have shifted to the High Squadron".....another pause and then from the bottom of his shoes came the reply "NOW, I know how those poor F****** ducks feel!" Needless to say, everyone on intercom broke up laughing.

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