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"You know, what is actually stranger than having people do theses about your work, is to have people build this demented shit that you dreamed up, when you were trying to make some sort of point about industrial society". - 1989 Interview in Virus 23

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New Rose Hotel

dvd cover (1998 video) [Buy DVD from] Wikipedia link

Johnny Mnemonic

dvd cover (1995 video) [Buy DVD from] Wikipedia link

(1995 May 26) The Seattle Times: `Johnny Mnemonic' Has Familiar Look

By William Gibson

book cover William Gibson has written a number of articles for Wired Magazine. [Subscribe to Wired through Amazon]

Spook Countrybook cover

(2008 book) [Buy from]

U2's City of Blinding Lights

(2005 August article in WIRED)[READ]

God's Little Toys

(2005 July article in WIRED) [READ]

time machine cuba

(2004 short essay in The Infinite Matrix) [READ]

Gibson's Blog

(since 01/06/2003) [READ]

Pattern Recognition book cover

(2003 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link [READ EXCERPT] ['PR'-otaku]

My Own Private Tokyo

(2001 September article in Wired) [READ]

No Maps For These Territories dvd cover

(2001 video) [Buy DVD from] Wikipedia link [WEB] [REVIEW]

Modern Boys and Mobile Girls

(2001 article) [READ]

On Steely Dan's ReturnCD cover

(2000 article) [Buy "Two Against Nature" from] Wikipedia link [READ] Password now required. [READ] through the Wayback Machine.

My Obsession

(1999 January article in Wired) [READ]

William Gibson's Filmless Festival

(1999 October article in Wired) "A long, flickering weekend with the ghosts of cinema's future." [READ]

All Tomorrow's Parties book cover

(1999 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link

Idoru book cover

(1996 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link

Difference Engine book cover

(1991 book by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling) [Buy from] Wikipedia link

Rocket Radio

(article in June 1989 edition of Rolling Stone Magazine) [READ] [READ] [READ]

Mona Lisa Overdrive book cover

(1988 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link

Count Zero book cover

(1986 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link Cornell: Cassiopeia-1 Cornell Boxes: Here and here.

Neuromancer book cover

(1984 book) [Buy from] Wikipedia link [STUDY] [STUDY] [XML] (ch. 1)

With a Strange Device

(1982 article) A short article on Philip K. Dick in Cyber Noodle Soup #11. Read through the Wayback Machine. [READ]

Burning Chrome book cover

(1981 anthology) [Buy from] Wikipedia link

Review of "Dracula in Love"

(1979) Originally published in Science Fiction Review and republished in Cyber Noodle Soup. Read through the Wayback Machine.

William Gibson Interviews

2008 June 10 io9
William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla
2006 May 11
The NSA's New New Phone Database Interviewees include Gibson. With MP3 audio.
2006 April New York Times
Podcast of interview by Brent Staples. At New York Times
2004 February 17 Philadelphia Inquirer
Squinting at the present (Registration and payment now required.)
2004 February 10 Tech Nation
Moira Gunn interviews William Gibson (streaming or downloadable audio)
2003 September Lost Pages
interview by Mark Shainblum & Matthew Friedman. A previously unpublished interview from 1993, now available only through the Wayback Machine.
2003 May 1 The Guardian
Talk time: William Gibson
2003 May
William Gibson: Crossing Borders Excerpts from an interview published in the May 2003 issue of Locus Magazine.
2003 April 25 Irish Times
Inventor of cyberspace steps back to the present
2003 February 13
Nodal point
2003 February 13 WNYC
Leonard Lopate Show (audio) (Real Audio)
2003 February 8 Globe and Mail
Back in the here and now (Registration and payment now required.)
2003 February Village Voice
Think Different
2003 February Green Man Review
Interview by Wes Unruh
2003 January
William Gibson Interview from Mark Flanagan
2003 January Tech TV
The Wired World According to William Gibson by Dave Roo
2003 SuicideGirls
Interview by Daniel Robert Epstein
2003 Hybridmagazine
William Gibson Interview by Mark Flanagan
Undated but not earlier than 2003 UnderGroundOnline
Exclusive interview by Eric S. Elkins
2001 February 7
Riding shotgun with William Gibson
2001 Shift
In Conversation William Gibson
2000 February 7 Science Fiction Weekly
Sandpapering the conscious mind with William Gibson
2000 February 3 Ain't It Cool News
Alexandra DuPont Interviews William 'Freakin' Gibson!!!!
1999 December 28 SCIFI.COM
Online chat transcript
1999 December 15 Reuters
Cyberpunk Grandmaster William Gibson No Visionary
1999 December 6 TechTV
William Gibson: Coining 'Cyberspace'
1999 December Entertainment Tomorrow
Interview with William Gibson
1999 November 30
The Science in Science Fiction Talk of the Nation, with guest William Gibson
1999 November 30 Globe and Mail
Interview by Cory Doctorow as published and full transcript.
1999 November 19 National Post
Back to the present
1999 November 11 e-volve
Cyberpunk rocks the virtual boat
1999 November 1 Addicted To Noise
William Gibson, Wired
1999 October 26
William Gibson: Cyberspace, Outer Space
1999 October 25 Yahoo Internet Life
1999 October 19 San Francisco Chronicle
Bridge To Tomorrow
1999 October 7 Guardian Unlimited
Cyber punk 2000
1999 August Spike Magazine
Waiting For The Man
1999? The Brave New World
William Gibson: the interview originally broadcast on KSCO/KOMY 1080/1340, California. Available through the Wayback Machine.
1998 December 24
Eavesdropping on Jack Womack and William Gibson available through the Wayback Machine.
1998 October 19 Peak
Cyberpunk on screen - William Gibson speaks
1998 January 17 infinity plus
An Interview by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
1998 The Edge
An Interview by Edo Van Belkom
1997 December 13 Burning City
The Burning Chrome EXCLUSIVE "Gibson/Barker" interview
1997 October
Interview by Alessandro Ludovico
1997 Fusion
"Interview by Andy Diggle" READ
1996 Sandbox Webzine
Interview available through the Internet Archive
1996 October 14 Salon
"William Gibson, Webmaster"
1996 October Re:mote Induction
William Gibson
1996 October Addicted to Light
interview READ (has audio clips)
1996 October Addicted to Noise
Interview in three parts Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1996 August Playboy
The William Gibson Interview READ
1996 Albedo
William Gibson Interviewed by Robert Neilson READ
1995 June Wired 3.06
"Remembering Johnny"
1995 May 22 CBC's Morningside
audio interview LISTEN in RealAudio format.
1995 Spring Mail and Guardian (South Africa)
"Blade Runner on electro-steroids" READ
1995 April Purple Prose
1995 March Gutenberg/EFF
Giuseppe Salza interview READ READ
1994 Nov 23 by Dan Josefsson for Rapport
"I don't even have a Modem"
1994 August 4
The Man Who Named Cyberspace An interview with William Gibson by Scott Rosenberg
1994 March Starlog
1994 Shift
"Slipping Through the Net"
1994 Cyber Noodle Soup
THE PROTOTYPE INTERVIEW READ available through the Internet Archive. READ
1993 October 1 Mike Rogers
Interview: here and here. and background information
1993 September 22 Ottawa X-press
Interview READ
1993 August St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Making Light of Cyberpunk Schtick"
1993? Cyber Noodle Soup
1989 Fall Virus 23
"Queen Victoria's Personal Spook...": here and here. Same interview in Russian
1989 February National Public Radio: Fresh Air
Terry Gross interviews author William Gibson. or here
1989 Fall Shift: Mondo 2000 7 (Fall 1989): 58-64.
High Tech High Life -- William Gibson & Timothy Leary In Conversation. Undated interview mentions Count Zero but not Mona Lisa Overdrive.
1988 Mississippi Review
Interview by Larry McCaffery Review, available through the Internet Archive, (reprint 1996)
Undated Cinescape
"3 Questions with William Gibson" available through the Internet Archive.
Undated (early) The Zone
An interview with mr William Gibson with Swedish translation.
Uncertain, 1993 or later Orange County Register / Cyber Noodle Soup
Read available through the Internet Archive.

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