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  Mission Statement

The Mission of Mind Menders is to empower survivors of
brain injury as they learn, work, and play in the community.


We begin to live when we begin to give.


 My Personal Story 
   TBI IMPACT (A Caregivers Website) 
Advocacy Training
 TBI Resourses in Iowa 
 TBI Survivor Websites 
 Mind Menders Chatter Box Members 
 Mind Menders Lists 
 Audio Poetry 
 Games to Excersise the Brain 
 Motivational Graffiti 
 Motivational Fun 
 Email Fun Pages 

 TBI Imformation on the WEB
In my search for information I started saving pages that were of interest to me. The link above will take you to my list of sites that have helped me in the past.  I hope they also give you the assistance you need.

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