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The following sites offer free classified ad or link submission. I have included those which I have actually visited, with the majority being "business opp. friendly". Most offer free ad placement for a limited period of time, with the opportunity to resubmit when it expires. Many sites offer "premium ad placement" ( top of the list, colored headline, link to URL, etc.) or extended run time for a fee. I have noted the length of free ad time next to the link for as many as I could determine.

The "Top Twenty" Classified ad sites are designated by a * preceding the link.

Link to Free Classified Message Board follows the ad sites.


Classified Ad Sites
*1 America Mall Classifieds 10 days Free Classifieds Worldwide
A World of Classifieds 1 month Free for All Links Pages
A1 Classifieds & Opportunities Free Link Collection
AAA Free Classifieds 2 weeks Galaxy Mall
*Access Business Online *Gateway Classifieds
Achieve USA 1 month Global Ads Free Link Page
Ads for Free 1 month Incor's Free Classifieds
*Ads4Less Infinity Web Free Classifieds limited
Advantage Free Classified Ads & Links Internet Classifieds Link Page
Advice In the World Classifieds
Africa Online JLA Free Classifieds Advertising 2 months
All American Free Ads JWP Classified Ads Page
Alpha-Beta Free Classified Ads *Kingdom Classifieds
*American Business Classifieds Marketwizz Free Classifieds 1 month
*America Net Micro Images
*American Internet MLM Free Classifieds
Arkesini Free for All Link Page Mother of All Classified Links
Asia's Marketplace NerdWorld Classified Ads
*A-Z Free Classifieds 1 month Net Marketer's Free Classified Ads
*Bestmall Classifieds NetSeek World Classifieds
Big John's Classifieds 90 days Nightfall Classifed Ads 1 month
Bill's Free Links Page OxyDollars Free Classifieds
*Biz Classifieds 1 week Quick-Checks Free Classifieds
*Biz Hotline RDO Technologies
BizLink Sojourner's FreeLinks
BMI's Free Internet Classifieds *The Ad Net
Brave World Free Classified Ads The Cozy Cabin 2 months
Business Classified Connection The Classified Ad Center 1 month
CJ Carson's *The Inet Exchange
Classified Ads 1-12 months The NetFree Classifieds
*Classifieds 2000 The Opportunity Classifieds
*Classifieds Online The Southern Edge
*Clockwatchers The World's Classifieds 35 days
Cognigen Telcom & Business Links Top 50 Classifieds
ComChina UK Free Adverts 2 months
Commerce Corner WebAdd
Compshack's A-Z Free Classifieds WebBuyer Online Classifieds 30 days - indefinite
CoolCash Free Classifieds 1 month Webquest's Free Classifieds 2 months
Costa Rica Free Marketing World Classifieds
Cyberland City Classifieds Classifieds World Market Classifieds 1 month
*E-page Classifieds *WWW Classifieds
France Classifieds *Yahoo Classifieds
Free Advertising Zipmall Classified Ads

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