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Can you stand the heat?

Hello and welcome to Saiyan Inferno. I am SSJGoku500 the creator of this site. This site contains pictures, multimedia and information on my favorite anime, Dragonball Z. This page is purely original so don't take anything without permission. Only a few things on here aren't mine which are the animated gifs and the wallpapers which I had permission to put up. I just started this website so I would have the decency of owning something that belongs to me and was not taken from other webpages, spread the word of DBZ, and win those great awards. Anyway, please feel free to visit my site and please don't take anything without permission from me cause all of this stuff is original and I spent alot of time working on it, if you do, you better watch it cause I'll hunt your ass down. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I hope you come back, thanks. Before you leave, I would really appreciate if you would sign my guestbook and write down your comments on this page because I enjoy reading your thoughts on this page. And don't forget to play my Online DBZ RPG, it's fun to play, hope you enjoy it.

What Is Dragonball?

Dragonball was created by Akira Toriyama in the year 1984, which is when I was born. He based the story on an old Chinese legend about a monkey, I even watched the series called "Monkey Magic" which was about a human-monkey that battled people with his staff and flew on his flying cloud that he could summon with a special gesture of his hand. It was one of my favorite shows back then. Akira Toriyama knew nothing about it, so he just made the whole thing up. But, we have come to love the dragonball series so that doesn't matter. Any way, dragonball has three different series, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. Dragonball and Dragonball Z are based on a Saiyan named Goku and his quest to save the earth from all that threaten it's existence. Dragonball is mainly focused on humor which is totally different from Dragonball Z which is mostly fight scenes and a few humor scenes here and there. Dragonball GT(Grand Tour) is based on Goku again but this time he gets wished back into a small kid and they must find the black star dragonballs if the universe is to survive(something like that). In my page I will be presenting you with information and media on Dragonball Z, because it is the only series of Dragonball I have seen, I see it on Cartoon network in the U.S.(english) and on the International Channel. Well, Dragonball Z has 4 major sagas, or a group of similar episodes. There is the Saiyan Saga, the Freeza Saga, the Cell/Android Saga, and finally the Buu Saga. So if you want to learn more, surf my page :).

Site of the Month

Wow, I decided to make a site of the month thing. Yeah Yeah, I know it's a banner but what can I say, I'm not the richest dude, I don't have that screen capturing thing to get a screen capture of peoples site but oh well. My first site of the month is Kitana's Outpost! This is one of my favorite sites of all. Kitana(a.k.a Daala) makes the best, and I mean BEST Anime wallpapers, weather it's Dragonball-Z-GT, Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, Pokemon, Street Fighter, or whatever, she's got it. Please visit her site, sign the guestbook and tell her how good her site and wallpapers are. (She changes her format frequently and everytime it's better, I don't know how she does it but I like it :))

Quote of the Month

I'd rather die than fuse with you! - Vejita (to which Gokou replied, "But Vejita, your already dead.")

Other Stuff

1: Join my Saiyan Elite Webring which is open to dragonball-z-gt, pokemon, and sailormoon sites.
2: Play my dragonball z rpg.
3: Join my Anime RPG's Webring which is open to all anime rpg's, please join.
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5: Sign my Guestbook and give me your comments on this page.
6: Get some cheats/codes from my Nintendo 64 page.
7: Join my dragonball z RPG club(YAHOO).
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Updates are back in business. Looks like DBZ Legacy didn't work out, it wasn't my fault, the other webmasters seemed to have dissapeared off the face of the earth so sorry about that.

- Did a few miscellaneous updates to several pages. Just changed incorrect information(sorry I gave this out) and added extra information on the following information pages: Fusion, States, Weapons.

- Hey Cool! I won another award. It's the highest award from Echo of the Spheres.

- Added deaths information in the biographies section. Under everyone's biography, you can see in yellow writing. I would have made a separate page for deaths but it's too much work having to put those links on every page again. But if any of you guys need more detail on anyone's death, just ask me and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

- Won TWO awards today from Katagillian. One is for my fanart(she said I was pretty talented) and the other is her highest award for a great page. Thanks Katagillian! :)

- Won another award from Zainist. Check it out.

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This page is in no way affiliated with any dragonball z companies. This page was built to spread the word of dragonball z and to inform the world of the greatest anime ever. All copyrights belong to Bird Studios, Toei Video, FUJI TV, FUNimation, Cartoon Network, Kitty, and Akira Toriyama. You may not copy, redistribute, link, or steal ANY of the material on this page. All materials on this page are by SSJGoku500, 1999. All rights reserved.

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