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My name is Redd .... ::shrugs:: Just Redd ... no last name. I am a wytch.

I was born an undetermined amount of time ago in a very small village, and came to my magickal abilities very early ... discovered when I inadvertently burned down the home of my family. Needless to say, my family was not thrilled at the discovery and bundled me off unceremoniously to a White Winds School, where I resided and studied for many many years. My nature is of a rather rambunctious, irreverent kind, so the instructors at the school did not take kindly to my ..... adventures. Matters were not helped at all by the fact that I was, from the very beginning, magickally more than a handful for even the most powerful of the instructors ... it is not, I have to add, that I meant to flout the authority of the School; it was simply that I wanted to learn as much as possible, and my abilities were travelling quite fast down avenues which the school instructors did not want it to take.

The school and I finally came to realization that we were not .... mutually compatible, so I took my leave without ceremony. I wandered about for a while, fell quite in love with a selkie, had a lovely daughter with him, then watched as he was murdered. I raised my daughter all alone .... when she struck out on her own, I decided to visit other realms, and thus found myself, about 8 months, residing here in Rhydin. I have been busily experiencing parts of life which were previously unknown to me ....
And enjoying every minute of it!

As my life scroll says ... I am a sassy, fiery tempered red head. If you don't have a good sense of humor, I strongly suggest you stay away from me .... ::grins:: But I do have a distinct weakness for bad boys ...

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