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Indian Children Speak

People said, "Indian children are hard to teach,
Don't expect them to talk."
One day Stubby Little Boy said,
"Last night the moon went all the way with me,
When I went out to walk."
People said, "Indian children are very silent,
Their only words are no and yes."
But ragged Pansy confided softly,
"My dress is old, but at night the moon is kind;
Then I wear a beautiful moon colored dress."
People said, "Indian children are dumb.
They seldom make a reply."
Clearly I hear Delores answer,
"Yes the sunset is so good,
I think God is throwing a bright shawl
Across the shoulders of the sky."
People said, "Indian children have no affection.
They just don't care for anyone."
Then I feel Ramone's hand and hear him whisper,
"A wild animal races in me
Since my mother sleeps under the ground.
Will it always run and run?"
People said, "Indian children are rude.
They don't seem very bright."
Then I remember Joe Henry's remark,
"The tree is hanging down her head
Because the sun is staring at her.
White people always stare.
They do not know it is not polite."
People said, "Indian children never take you in.
Outside their thoughts you'll always stand."
I have forgotton the idle words that People said,
But treasure the day when the iron doors swung wide,
And I stepped into the heart
Of Indian Land.
Author Unknown

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