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Please keep this site up and going by Voting For me.Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that has made this site happen. You have carried me to the Finals. Now it's just one small step for me to win. Are You With Me? If so PLEASE VOTE FOR ME
Hello this is Lucky (wartortle) i am now the owner of the pokeleague.. ...are member site is down so please icq your info your pokemon and your pokbucks and please be honest.I am also in another league that is new and just starting up.. you will see more info aobut that soon..


99/08/09 - Hi! This is Brock...the new member of staff. I just wanted to say what I was going to be doing. I am going to help with the design of this site and other stuff that Lance wants me to do. I changed the font but if you don't like it, Lance, then please tell me.

99/08/08- sorry I didn't update in a long time. I was working on my battle arena, We'll now it's here. Battle Arena

99/08/03- I Put up a Secret Pokémon Codes Section.

99/07/31- I put up a Pokémon TCG Section

99/07/28- I put up a Pokemon Snap section with info and pics.

99/07/27- I put up Pokemon Pinball.You need the Enmulater to play. Download now.

99/07/25- I made a completely new layout with the help of my friend.

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If you have good home page building experience and would like to work for my site please e-mail me. You MUST have ICQ so we can discuse on it.My ICQ number is 44486953. Thank you.
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