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Three, three ying yang symbols, ah ah ah!


Please recycle, keep the Earth beautiful

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The following website has alternative health information. It is my accumulation of knowledge from old natural doctors books, and old ancient knowledge that I am trying to help people remember. All of the following techinques I have done myself for years so if you doubt the effectiveness, I only reccomend things that I have done personally myself. Do these at your own risk, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself doing any of the following stuff. I must put this message here for my own safety, as it is now law to have a disclaimer.

This website was most recently updated in October, 2009.
A big thank you to the all people that I talked to at my high school reunion for beliveing in me! I hope that these great people especially enjoy my website. You have inspired me to try harder in all that I do.

Good luck, and be careful, you will learn some wacky stuff that will force your mind to change forever, if you so choose. :-)

I am a pisces (astrology sign). I am a hippy, and I question everything that I been ever taught. If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I am caring, funny, and always looking for the good in people. Yes, I may act a little "different" sometimes, but deep down I am a kind person with a deep respect for life.

The ask Barefoot Master Herbalist at the best source of health information that I have ever found in the last ten years.

Water fasting books that changed my life!

******************* !!! Lecithin !!! **************
The human brain is 4-6% lecithin in fresh substance + 30% dry brain weight is lecithin + 17 percent of the nervous system + spinal cord contains 6-10% lecithin + and nearly two-thirds of the fat in the liver + The most concentrated natural and unrefined sources of lecithin are soybeans (1.48 to 3.08% lecithin), peanuts (1.11%), calf liver (0.85%), wheat (0.61%), oatmeal (0.65%), and eggs (0.39%). Among refined substances, especially concentrated sources of lecithin include dehydrated (powdered) egg yolk (14-20%), natural egg yolk (7-10%), wheat germ 2.82%, soy oil (1.8% but 2.65% including the 30-35% entrained soy oil??), and butterfat (1.4%).
Sources of lecithin that I have found =
soybeans, sunflower seeds, cabbage, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, wheat germ, split peas, seeds, nuts, barley, peanuts, corn, hemp seeds, spinach, avacado, brewer's yeast, lupin beans, butterfat, eggs,

choline (part of lecithin) = grape juice

A deficiency of this transmitter in the human brain will cause a person to display symptoms ranging from muddled thinking to nervousness, anxiety, and hyperkinetic patterns (usually in children), narcolepsy (brief attacks of sleep during waking hours), depression, sluggish behavior and slowed reflexes.

A study suggests a memory-enhancing effect for choline. Rats fed extra choline produced offspring that performed much better in memory and learning skills than those whose mothers were on a normal diet. Conversely, offspring of the rats deprived of choline did poorly on memory tests.

# Lecithin is a type of liquid found in the protective sheaths surrounding the brain and nervous system. Lecithin helps in the breakdown of fats and enhances liver activity and enzyme production. # Choline is produced from lecithin. It is needed for nerve impulses from the brain throughout the nervous system and for liver and gall bladder function. Its derivative acetylcholine, lacking in Alzheimer patients, is crucial for short-term memory. # Inositol promotes hair growth, reduces cholesterol levels, prevents artery hardening, and is calming to the nervous system.

Bragg books about health, fasting, all the best info is here.

Got mer-ka-ba? Learn one of the reasons why the ancient Egyptians were so damn cool by checking out the following links...
Leonard Orr, rebirthing, earth, air, fire, water, mental, spiritual purifications.
Bob Frissell, rebirthing, and other fun stuff.
Drunvalo Melchizedek, the man with the master plan.

My hobbies and interests: vegetarianism/ veganism/ raw food (uncooked), mucusless/fruit diets, nutrition, herbs, health, living off the land, wild foods, biophotons + kirlian photography (life force energy in food), water fasting, juice fasting, colon cleansing, liver cleansing, oil swishing/pulling, iridology, glyconutrients, coral calcium... hypnosis, meditation, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, spirituality, remote viewing, astral projection, spiritual DNA activation (12 strands?), indigo children (the next evolutionary step), 2012 mystery/planetary pole shift?, astrology, rebirthing, prana/life force/chi/qi, merkaba activation, sungazing, breatharian + immortality?... compassion, random acts of kindness, astronomy, ancient history (especially Egypt), exercising, hacky sack, martial arts, chess, philosophy, chatting, Simpsons + Family Guy + Futurama cartoons, computer games - Tetris, Quake 3, Warcraft II & III, Starcraft, and anything mentally stimulating.

I've been vegetarian off and on since 2005 (the longest was five months in 2005). Although I believe in eating raw Amish/free range organic eggs - search on the reasons why, and I've never gotten sick eating raw eggs even after eating about five dozen raw, about three to nine eggs at a time. Also I enjoy wild game like deer. However my eventual goal is mostly fruit, seaweed (has iodine = brain nutrient most people lack enough of), grasses, and wild herbs. Check out - it will change your life. A easy way to get healthier is start eating some organic meat/eggs/dairy, and slowly eliminate non-organic foods. Some people think you have to eat meat and dairy for protein, but you can get the same amount of protein from nuts - coconuts, walnuts, pecans, pistacios, flax, hemp, beans, goji berries!, or grains, without having to worry about cooking anything, and you do not have to worry about food poisoning aka E coli or salmonellia. However, do a online search for chimpanzee and bonobo diets and you will see that we are 98% similar to these animals. I don't recommend soy because it has been linked to thyroid problems and blocking certain nutrients - search for more on soy. Soy is in lots of food nowadays! So is high frutcose corn syrup, which is also very bad (along with MSG).

Also, a mental awareness developed in me after I stopped eating meat, I was more compassionate towards every living thing... Everything becomes more beautiful and alive when you consider you are brothers with your neighbor and the crow eating the dead squirrel on the road. I don't kill as many insects, instead catching them and putting them outside (or eating ants sometimes). It may sound very silly to you but it (that is to say not eating meat) changed my awareness and opened my eyes to how cruel and inhumane this world really is. I recently saw a shirt on a vegetarian website (PETA maybe) that had a dog on a dinner plate and it said: would you eat a dog? Well, why not, you eat other kinds of meat, what's the difference? Cows feel pain just as humans do. If you step on a cats tail it screams and howls in pain. Well would you eat a cat? They are lovable and cuddly... But you do not flinch at the idea of eating a big steak or ribs or a big hamburger right? Also it has been estimated that the average USA citizen eats approx 210 pounds of meat a year, or about 83 animals a year. The average American also eats about 600 pounds of dairy a year, that you will eat the equalivant of 1400 pounds of dairy fat in your lifetime... Wouldn't that be extremly difficult for your heart to deal with? Watch the movie called "Earthlings", a 95 minute movie about humanity's dependence on animals for many things, and it might change your view on eating meat.

Within two years I went from being 230 pounds to 155 pounds. I did this by water fasting and eliminating junk food. (Back up to 245# now, Nov. 2009) If you want to lose weight, eat kelp/seaweeds daily, or the green husk of black walnuts, black walnut leaves, (for iodine) and coconut to balance your thyroid. Or have some fun and juice fast or water fast! If you have a doctor, make sure to talk to them first before you do any fasting.

I am trying to be an exclusive fruit/herb eater because hog confinments, diary farms, and chicken factories cause horrible amounts of pollution, meat and dairy has outrageous amounts of toxic disease-causing chemicals and hormones. Recently, the front page of the Des Moines Register (in Iowa) said Iowa rivers are some of the worst polluted anywhere. That makes me sad. These chemicals have been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oesteorposis (weaking of the bones), stroke, cancer, lack of energy, premature death, and the list goes on. Nitrates in dried meat/summer sausage/beef jerky, for example, are very bad. Meat that you don't have to refridgerate, and that can last a year? Can that be good for you? Think about it.

My goal is to live off the land as much as possible, eating wild berries and plants. Plus I think it is a big challenge to leave a zero footprint, to leave no pollution in other words, or as little as possible.

About Kirlian Photography
Kirlian photographic analysis combines high voltage, high frequency, electrical fields and photographic techniques to make visible subtle energy fields interacting around living and non-living objects of study. These techniques utilize 50,000 volts and a broad range of frequencies to resonate with the test objects, capturing their patterns for analysis. Kirlian photographs reveal unique insights into unseen energy fields. The difference between a Kirlian photo of a raw, organic food and a Kirlian photo of a cooked food is drastic.
Go to for exotic foods like goji/wolf berries and kirlian photos of them.

Visit and improve your health for FREE!

Milksucks.comA dairy cow produces 120 pounds of waste every day.

Quantum touch Chi, life force, spiritual energy, or also called qi is fun to heal people with!!

Got mulberries? Yummy!
Got goji berries? Wow, they are the healthiest thing to eat in the world!
Got goji berry plants?A Utah company that sells them.
The real food pyramid, with USDA 1994 numbers.

World without parasites
Wonderful website talking about fixing the sky, water, eliminating/balancing EMF with orgonite.
Wiki article Check out the wiki article about orgonite.

Link to another page I made.
My other website.

Carol Adams (an animal rights activist) writes:
"My goal is to live in a world where meat eating is as rare as cannibalism."
Well I agree with this lady!

If you would like to eat more wild foods, check out this book, Peterson Field Guides to Edible Wild Plants.

Ever watch the movie "Supersize me", the guy eats nothing but McDonalds for a month, it is a documentary but it could also be classified a horror movie in some peoples eyes.

Talk to your doctor before doing any fasting!
Talk to your doctor before doing any fasting!
Talk to your doctor before doing any fasting!

I recently got a book on bodyweight exercises and it is a great book.
You can get it from Matt Furey, author of Combat Conditioning.
He used to sell a system called "Primate Power" talking about bodyweight exercises.

Make it the first thing you do in the day and you will not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.
Get a poster or posters of someone(s) who will motovate you, be it an attractive person of the opposite sex, an athlete/actor: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damn...


He helped to inspire and motovate me to lose weight and to try to perfect myself in every way, mentally and physically.
There is a picture of him at the bottom of this page!
I would suggest watching all of his movies: "Enter the Dragon", "Return of the Dragon", "Fists of Fury", "The Chinese Connection", and "Game of Death"

The president of the USA, Bush, can run a mile in under seven minutes, how old is he, like 50? If I remember right, he runs three miles a day... He runs this country, travels all over the world every week, and I bet he is WAY busier than you... Instead of watching television aka the idiot box, or being on the internet, EXERCISE. So do not say you do not have enough time to exercise, because that is BULL CRAPOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have ever heard about Carl Lewis, an Olympic gold metal winner (17 golds), was a vegan (no meat, no dairy). Carl Lewis said that he never felt better than the year he was on a vegan diet. So there goes the meat for protein myth!!

Jack LaLanne, fitness powerhouse!
Natural bodybuilding official website.
Bill Wallace, aka "Superfoot".

Five Tibetan Rites of exercise, awesome yoga.

Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle Elite, a great exercise product!
Total Gym, a great exercise product!
Muscle & Fitness magazine.
Muscle Magazine website.
Muscle & Fitness/Women magazine.
Jet Li's homepage


Fun health websites:

The four best herbs
lobelia, cayenne pepper, garlic, and aloe vera.

Lemon juice + cayenne pepper + grade B maple syrup fast aka The Master Cleanser.
Here is a link to Amazon to buy the Master cleanser book.

Liver and galbladder flushing,
also known as forcing gallstones (cholesterol) out of your liver, to make you feel awesome!

This is an awesome tree that the leaves, oil from the fruit, and bark can heal many skin problems.

Olive, the tree of life, the tree that lives for thousands of years, free of disease, bacteria and bugs.

USDA Database, searchable nutrients in your food listed.
Hand reflexolgoy chart
Foot reflexology chart
Recommended Daily Allowences for stuff
THE JUICEMAN IS AWESOME!!; Gives many reasons why you should NOT drink milk or consume ANY dairy products., science myths revealed.
Paul & Patricia Braggorganic olive oil, and books on health.
Wheatsfield = the health food store in Ames, Iowa

Teeth health

Floride = bad bad bad bad bad!!!!
Don't drink tap water.
Drink distilled water.
Brush your teeth with hippy toothpaste!
Get your metal fillings taken out.
Take coral calcium and your teeth will be strong.
Or take alfalfa, wheatgrass/barleygrass pills for mega nutrients!
Please, don't eat dairy for calcium, the body usually takes calcium out of the bones after you consume dairy to alkalize the blood.

Eye exercises to reduce and eliminate glasses.
I recommend the book "The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses by William Horatio Bates.

Honey, apparently can be put on wounds to keep it sterile and prevent bacteria from growing.

Dr. John Christopher
A Master Herbalist's guide (some achived newsletters) to using certain herbs and cleansing techniquies.

Cayenne, hot red peppers, is famous for the ability to stop the bleeding on cuts, even if the cut is down to the bone! There are also directions on how to make a bottle of cayenne with alcohol that you can carry with you if you have a bad heart, a few drops can stop a heart attack!
more Cayenne information
Cayenne is also useful in treating: Alzheimerís disease, angina, apoplexy, arterial disease, arthritis (gout), arthritis (rheumatoid), atherosclerosis, bacterial infection, bleeding, bloating, blood pressure (high), breast health, bronchitis, bursitis, cataracts, celiac disease, chicken pox, cholecystisis, chronic fatigue, chronic obstructive lung disease (cold), ulcerative colitis, constipation, coronary artery disease, coughs, crohnís disease, cyst (breast), dementia, diarrhea, digestion, diphtheria, discoid lupus erythematosus (dle), dizziness, dropsy, duodenal ulcer, dupuytrenís contracture, dysentery, dyspepsia, dyspnea, earache, ear infection, ear (ringing), eye health (general), fatigue, fevers, fibrocystic breast disease, fibromyalgia, fibrositis, flatulence, fragile capillaries, gas (stomach), gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastrointestinal (indigestion), glaucoma, goiter, gout, hardening of the arteries, hay fever, heart (general), heart (mitral valve prolapse), heart (palpitations), heartburn, heavy menstruation, hemorhage, hemorrhoids, hernia, herpes (zoster), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high homocysteine, high triglycerides, hiv support, housemaidís knee, hypercholestermia, hypertension, high triglycerides, immune system function, inflammation, influenza, injuries, intermittent claudication, jet lag, liver (general), lupus, macular degeneration, measles, meningitis, nervousness, n nerves (general),euralgia (post), night blindness, nyctalopia, nipples (breast-general), nosebleeds, obesity, osteochondrosis (tibial tuberosity), paralysis, peptic ulcer, piles, plaque (arterial), polyps (adenoids), poor digestion (indigestion/heartburn), posttherpetic neuralgia, postpartum support, prostate health (general), psoriasis, pulmonary disease (copd), quincy, raynaudís disease, regional enteritis, respiratory system (copd), restless legs syndrome, retinopathy, rheumatism, rickets, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), senile dementia (alzheimerís disease), shingles, shock, sinusitis, systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), sleeplessness, sore throat, sour stomach, stomach upset, spastic colon, sperm motility, sports supplements, sprains, stomach ulcer, stiffnecks, strains, stroke, thyroid (low), throat (general), tonsillitis, tumor, typhoid, ulcerative colitis, urinary calculi, urinary tract infection, urolithlasis, varicose veins, venous insufficiency (chronic), vertigo, water retention, weight loss, wilsonís disease, wind (indigestion), yeast infection, yellow fever, yellow nail syndrome.

Behold the power of HEMP
Behold the power of HEMP
Behold the power of HEMP

It has no THC (the illegal chemical in the smoked leaves), and it has all 9 essential amnio acids so you can eat this instead of meat sometimes.
Manitoba harvest hemp foods company
Hemp utopia
Rawganique hemp company

Please goto and buy all of their books, especially "The Miracle of Fasting".
I would estimate that if you bought all of their books and followed their lifestyle, you would add 40 years or more onto your life!
Patricia Bragg has a nice thing to say "I challenge you to live healthier everyday."

Dr. Dulda Regehr Clark
Her cancer reasearch conculdes that the common intestinal fluke (basically a tiny worm), causes cancer. By eating wormwood, cloves, and the green outer coating of black walnuts - these three herbs will kill the egg, larvae, and adult stage of this and destroy cancer, most likely.
She has published books titled "The cure for all cancers", "The cure for all advanced cancers", "The cure to HIV/AIDS", and "The cure for all diseases".
Part of the book "The cure for all cancers"
Dr Clark store

Glyconutrients = neat stuff. Your body needs eight essential sugars.

Coral Calcium, a cure for some diseases?

Naturopathic DOCTOR RICHARD SCHULZE's products.
Including a bulk fiber that will slowly remove between six and twenty pounds permanatly - food that is rotting in your intestines (bascially, that rotting food will cause at least 80% of known diseases), and various liquid herb formulas.
Dr. Richard Schulze suggests that you clean out your liver's cholesterol by drinking a combination of fresh lemon juice or lime juice or apple cider vinegar plus olive oil. You will see little "green stones" that will float, in your bowel movement. These are "gallstones", balls of cholesterol that once clogged your liver. You can do this olive oil/lemon juice drink once every two weeks until there are no more "gallstones" after you goto look in the toilet. The reason that you need to do a liver/gallstone cleanse is that you will remove choloesterol that will otherwise build up in your arteries that would otherwise give you either a heart attack or stroke, the number one and number two killers in the USA right now. You will feel much healtier after doing this.
Curezone, a website with instructions on the liver cleanse and many, many other ways to rid yourself of diseases!
Dr. Richard Schulze's
20 steps to a healthier life
Dr Schulze says "I used the following healing tips to change my health, save my life, and then save the lives of my patients. They are useless ideas unless put into practice and made a part of your daily life. Those who did not get well always thght I was kidding and didn't pay attention to this list. They didn't make the changes and THEY DID NOT GET WELL! These healing tips will make all the hearbal formulae work more effectively.
1. Pure, distilled water = drink 1/3 of a gallon a day
2. Pure fresh juice = drink 1/4 of a gallon a day
3 STOP eating ALL animals and animal by-products
Animal Products, By-products, and Ingredients
4. Eat more, live foods
5. Elimation - use his "intestinal detoxification program
6. 5 day cleansing and detoxification program (aka 5 day liver/gallstone flush)
7. Start walking, and breathe more
8. More more, sweat (every day for one hour)
9. Hot and cold hydrotherapy (aka hot and cold showers)
10. Wear cotton and other natural fibers = wool, hemp
11. Use all natural soap, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste
12. Stop watching television, especially the news
13. Throw away, give away 1/3 of what you own (you can't take it with you when you die!)
14. Start loving yourself and you life... positive affirmations
15. Express yourself, through music, drawing, writing...
16. Help someone everyday
17. Learn 1,000 jokes and laugh
18. Have more sex
19. Meditate, follow your spirit, pray
20. Love, love, and love more!!!
... to order prodcuts or recieve a free catalog call= 1-800-HERB-DOC ... aka 1-800-437-2362 ...
Call = Monday - Saturday from 8:30am - 4:30pm (Central TIme Zone).

My personal suggestions for suppliments:
These are awesome, they make your brain wake up and make vivid dreams (no kidding). Goji berry plants from Utah.
Fun times!

coral calcium
Balance your pH and wonderful things will happen, say Nobel Prize scientists.

Neem is so cool it is scary. Bugs never touch this tree/leaves/bark/fruit. The fruit seed oil is used as an insectiside! Wow. The leaves/bark kill bacteria and viruses. Also, from what I gathered, it is used as a birth control method(??), if you take it internally, it will make you sterile for that day. Although don't take my word for it, research it yourself. In short, neem is all sorts of coolness happening all over the place!

Olive Leaves
Olive oil

Olive leaf extract - awesome!...
Olive, the tree of life, can live for thousands of years, if you ingest the powdered leaf, it will kill bacteria and viruses that are making you sick. Valuable to have ready if you are paranoid about the bird flu or swine H1N1 flu.

< Religion and philosophy... fun stuff
Chant = Om Namaha Shivaya
The maha mantra, supreme mantra! According to Babaji, avatar, reincarnation of Khrisna and Rama.

International Society for Krishna Conciousness
Awesome religion!!
Beliefs of religion:
Don't eat meat.
No illict/promiscious sex.
No alcohol.
No gambling.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

This is my theory on death.

A guy attacking a bear to get his fish!<---**----***---***CLICK HERE.
Funniest movie ever = "Almost Heros" with Chris Farley (RIP), and Matthew Perry (from "Friends" sitcom) / Ames, IA weather...
Des Moines, Iowa television and radio websites
Channel 8 weather
Channel 5 weather
The Weather Channel for Ames, IA

Cool inventions, and things to advance your mind....

Altered states Wow, incredible products that alter your perception of reality, fascinating technologies and ideas!!

Mind Tek Increase your brain's higher functions with any of these products.
Products include: remote viewing learning courses, photographic memory, meditation, mind-altering CDs. I would recommend "Super Brain Power", I use this product myself.


Fun toys.
Stupid dot com, funny toys and joke items.

Astronomy stuff...!
Wonderful Earth & Moon photo!
constellation guide
galaxies and nebula
favorite pics
list of astronomy images
list of astronomy images for purchase

Iowa State University
Home of the Cyclones
ISU tree identify page
ISU homepage
Live ISU Memorial Union camera *machine*!!
Live ISU Library camera


Visit and improve your health for FREE!

Fishing hurts!

Who's your buddy?
Who's your buddy? Buddy Christ, of course!
Click on Buddy Christ to buy one.

... The statements made on this website have not been evaulated and are my opinons based on my research and tests on myself. Please consult a medical doctor before you embark on any new diet or cleanse. This statement is here because I have to so I don't get in any trouble if anybody gets sick. Have a nice day.