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  • I just received the Pouter & Cropper Results from the 2013 Des Moines Show on Dec 14th and there were a few surprises also some very expected outcomes. About 176 Pouters & Croppers shown with the Horsemen and Norwich having he largest number of entries at 45 each. The next largest breeds were Voorburg - 35, English Pouters - 15 and Brunners -15. Becky Wood brought a team of Horsemen Pouters that was just dynamite! Becky took Champion and Reserve Champion, her Cream Bar Old Hen #18822 was Champion and Black Young Cock #579 took Reserve. Mike Hughes came from Arizona with a strong group of Horsemen who was right there with Becky, nice job to the both of you.

  • Norwich Croppers have grown in popularity over the years and a name familiar to that breed in the mid-west is Trevor Nau. Trevor has won the National Show the past three years in Norwich Croppers and once again here in Des Moines he won. Trevor showed an excellent Young Mealy Cock #1514 who took Champion, his Old Hen #409 was Reserve Champion. Mealy Cock #1514 was the Overall Pouter & Cropper Champion.

  • Voorburg Shield Croppers had 35 entered with 33 shown. Jeff Clark and Jeff Bidroski teamed up to raise some killer Voorburg Shield Croppers and one in particular won Champion Voorburg Shield an excellent Brown Young Hen #2199. The Brown Young Hen was Overall Reserve Champion Pouter and Cropper of the Show.

  • Brunner Pouter Class was won by the Jeff Bidroski - Jeff Clark team with a Mealy Young Cock #1324 who took Champion Brunner. Ed Loomis had a number of nice Brunners as well, especially a Young Hen #2552.

  • National English Pouter Association had it's first show at Des Moines with 15 entries from Rick Wood and Jeff Clemens. The Judging duties were accomplished by Mike Hughes who graciously helped the club by donating his expertise, thanks Mike. Rick Wood had some very nice English Pouters and took Best Young Cock and Best Old Hen with a very nice Yellow #3376. The Champion English Pouter was a Blue Young Hen #3485 bred and owned by Jeff Clemens, the Reserve Champion was a Yellow Old Cock #07 bred by Frank Barrachina and owned by Jeff Clemens. Rick had a number of English Pouters for sale and from what could be seen he started two new gentlemen in the breed that weekend. Mike Hughes happened to be one of them and Adam Kuhn was the other. Rick does an excellent job promoting the hobby and English Pouters.

  • The last Breed of Pouters I had the results for were the Pigmy Pouters and they were won by Cassy Crocket with an Opal Bar Young Cock #300. Congratulations Cassy on your Champion Pigmy Pouter! *I will continue this section with comments on other Pouter Breeders who are making an impact in the Show Room as I gather the results. There are so many guys and gals out there who are excelling in their particular breeds and we need to recognize them for their efforts in the loft and showroom.

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