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Pouter and Cropper World Polls & Goals
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Pouter & Cropper World Hobby Goals

  1. To establish a webpage for all Pouter & Cropper Hobbiest and Specialty Clubs
  2. To create a culture that develops new hobbiests and keep the hobby vibrant
  3. Create a "people first" Pouter & Cropper culture
  4. Recruit and retain people of Character
  5. Educate people on the various "Pouter & Cropper Breeds"
  6. Develop a pool of exceptional Pouter & Cropper Judges
  7. Be an ambassador for the "Pigeon Hobby" as a whole
  8. Maintain relationships with all local, state, and national clubs
  9. Support all local, state, and national shows to build a competitive display of Pouters & Croppers

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