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              Photo Copyright © by Amy J. Clark Haden

Common Name: Moon Vine, Moonflower
Botanical Name: Ipomoea (eye-po-MEE-a) Alba, also known as Calonyction acurleatum
Type: Vine
Size/Height: 10-20 feet in a season
Bloom Size: Up to six inches across
Hardiness: Perennial in zones 9-10; annual elsewhere
Growth Rate: Fast in warmer climates; moderate elsewhere
Origin: Southern Florida and American tropics

The moonflower is related to the more common morning glory but unlike the morning glory which blooms during all but the hottest daylight hours, the moonflower blooms in the late afternoon and continues throughout the night and until the following morning.  Moonflower blooms may also stay open until noon on cool, cloudy days.

As beautiful as the moonflower is, care should be taken if small children or pets are near it.  Although it is not poisonous if touched, it is if eaten.  For your reference check out the Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System which lists all poisonous plants in their system by both botanical and common names.   

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